Northeast Tennessee

Hangin with the Nantan

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Warriors' Path (Duck Island)


COP – Cheeks

The Sticky Buns NETN F3 AO tour was completed this morning with a trip to Wilderness Road’s duck island.  YHC and Cheeks have enjoyed getting to meet and catch up other PAX across our region.  Today was extra special as we posted with our Nantan.  Most of the Wilderness Road PAX were out today so we had the Nantan all to ourselves.

Warm Up

  • SSH 20 IC
  • TTT 10 IC
  • LBAC 16 IC
  • LBAC Reverse 16 IC
  • Merkins 10 IC
  • Imperial walkers 10 IC
  • Hillbilly walkers 10 IC

The Thang by Sugar

Duck Island Extravaganza

Round 1 – The Tortoise and the Hare.   2 PAX burden carried their coupons and performed curls walking ½ mile around duck island while the 3rd PAX performed 5 burpees then ran to catch up with the group and swap out.

Round 2 – Basketball Bear Crawl Inch Worm.  PAX lined up head to toe in plank position while  the PAX in the rear bear crawled to the front of the line until we traveled all the way across the basketball court.  Once finished, we performed 300 cumulative LBCs before traveling back the same way and performing 300 cumulative squats.

Round 3 – 3 PAX DORA. 2 PAX performed 100 curls, 150 KBSs, and 200 bent-over-rows while the 3rd PAX ran up the steps to the top of duck island hill and returned.

Round 4 – Duck Island Mosey.  Ran around the ½ mile loop stopping at park benches to perform 20 dips, 10 derkins or 10 box jumps.


50 Flutter kicks by Cheeks


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