Northeast Tennessee

I Guess it was Leg Day

Northeast Tennessee Arrowhead (Indian Trail) Johnson City

Mid 60s with a decent amount of humidity.  8 PAX joined the fun to experience a Q put together during the 11th hour by YHC.  Wasn’t necessarily intentional, but in retrospect, today felt like a solid leg day.  Let’s see how we walk tomorrow.



  • SSH IC x20
  • Abe vigoda IC x10
  • Sticky butt kickers IC x5
  • Mtn man poopers IC x10
  • Imperial walkers IC x10

Mosey with your coupon to the monkey bars


Pullup/Chin-up ladder:

Start with 1 pullup, immediately go to 1 chin-up (reverse grip), then do 2 squat thrusters.  Do 2 pullups, 2 chin-ups, 4 squat thrusters, then 3,3,6, then 4,4,8, then 5,5,10 (or more if you’re fast)

That’s 30 squat thrusters to warm up those legs.

Mosey to bottom of hill.  Leave coupon at bottom.  Rinse and repeat the following two laps:

Lap 1: Sprint the straight-a-way up the hill (mailbox to bend in sidewalk), mosey the loop back down, complete 20 bent over rows at the bottom.

Lap 2: Everest the straight-a-way, mosey the loop back down, complete 20 merkins at the bottom.


  • Freddie Mercuries IC x20
  • Flutter kicks IC x20
  • LBCs IC x20

Leading the Q is easy, log-in to the webpage, go to calendar, pick a date, edit that date by putting your name next to the AO location.  If you don’t have a log-in ask someone – we’re thinking Kardashian.

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