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Gray The Underground (Daniel Boone HS) Johnson City

It is back to school and a couple of the Pax had to miss to make sure the first day of school went smoothly for themselves and their 2.0s. 3 Pax were able to make it. The temp was 64 degrees and clear skies.
Runner Stretches

Arm stretches

6 stretches
The idea was stolen from Morristown. I didn’t see the black blast but so the main theme of the Q. 21 reps to represent the 21 days to form a habit and then another 90 days to make it a routine.

  • Round 1: 21 merkins and 90 curls. Run 100 meters walk back.
  • Round 2: 21 step-ups and 90 squats. Run 100 meters walk back.
  • Round 3: 21 left lifts and 90 LBCs. Run 100 meters and walk back.
  • Round 4: 21 overhead presses and 90 dips. Run 100 meters and walk back.
  • Round 5: 21 merkins and 90 push presses. Run 100 meters and walk back.
  • Round 6: Pickle Points with coupon across lap and 90 flutter kicks (LR = 1). Run 100 meters and walk back.

No time
Recently it was discussed about the benefits some of the local AOs are having with connecting the Pax by having a moleskin. Moleskins are something Underground has not done much of this first year. I recently saw a post from Morristown F3 about the 21/90 in creating a permanent change in routine and life. I spoke about how we all have something big or small that we would like to add to our lives. We listed things such as reading bible verses, spending quality time unplugged with our children, reading more and other ideas. I used the 21 reps of the more difficult exercise to represent the first 21 days of starting and being commited to something new. I then used 90 reps of the easier exercise the represent the next 3 months of maintaining the new habit and making it a routine. The second exercise may have been easier, but the 90 reps showed it is still a challenge.

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