Northeast Tennessee

“X” Marks the Spot

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

The remnants of a little rain (YHC had hoped for more) and wind from Ida greeted 11 pax who rolled in to the Range on Hump Day on a warm 69* morning.  It was YOGWO from the get-go.
Indigenous run with the medicine ball right off the bat around the Soccer Track with two drops and a few close calls.  The drops resulted in 5 burpees each.
Trading the medicine ball for coupons and the flag, pax journeyed down Ranger Hill toward the old meeting lot where four stations and a center square awaited them.  Numbered into groups of four for a somewhat evenly-spaced rotation, pax deposited their coupons in the center square and traveled back and forth to four stations in a diagonal line with a stop in the Center Square each time.

  • Center Square (each pass through rotated 25 curls and 25 OHP)
  • Station 1:  15 V-ups
  • Station 2: 15 merkins
  • Station 3:  15 Boat-Canoes
  • Station 4: 15 Squats

Rotations continued with YHC gradually decreasing Center Square to 15 reps then 10 all around then 5 all around.  Pax gathered back in the Center Square to complete 250 cumulative curls (if we hadn’t done enough) before heading back up Ranger Hill after leaving their “X”-cellent mark on the old Range Lot.  After depositing the blocks, four remaining minutes were spent with a mosey around the Soccer Track.

At the last curve of the Soccer Track loop, some serendipitously positioned cones made the perfect spot for a little Mary: 500+ cumulative LBCs, called out in 10s, from the pax brought us to 6:15.
Days are sometimes filled with disappointment, difficult news, challenging situations, and tough conversations.  Getting out to the Range a few mornings a week gives you a place to let your guard down and push one another and encourage one another.    Don’t take for granted the ability to do that.
Prayers for Cold Call as he heads north for his cousin’s funeral.  Remember to fill up the Q for the month (consider co-Qing).

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