Northeast Tennessee

Hail to Pitt

Northeast Tennessee Arrowhead (Indian Trail) Johnson City

It was a cool and rainy morning as 5 PAX met under the pavilion.  YHC didn’t plan for the rain so audibles were called to keep us somewhat dry.  We still spent about 40% of our time in the rain.  Big game this weekend, YHC’s alma mater, Pitt at Tennessee. Here we go…



  • Motivator from 3 (as in the point spread on the game this weekend, Pitt favored)
  • Through the Tunnel IC x9
  • Sticky butt kickers IC x9
  • Imperial Walkers IC x9
  • LBAC IC x9 fwd/rev
  • Seal claps IC x9
  • Burpees, 9 oyo

9, as in the number of national championships claimed by Pitt.


  • 1 lap around the field.
    • 1 as in the number worn by WR, Larry Fitzgerald
  • 76 calf raises
    • 76, as in the year the Johnny Majors’ coached Pitt team won the national championship
  • 9 merkins followed by 17 squats, then four sets of 20 each: merkins and squats
    • Totaling 89 merkins, for the number worn by end, Mike Ditka, and 97 squats, for the best NFL player in the game today, defensive tackle Aaron Donald, who wore 97 at Pitt.
  • 13 Freddie Mercuries followed by 15 flutter kicks, then four sets of 15 each: Freddie Mercuries and Flutter Kicks
    • Totaling 73 Freddie Mercuries for jersey number worn at Pitt by offensive tackle and ESPN analyst Mark May.  75 for the jersey number of recent NFL Hall of Fame inductee Jimbo Covert.

Mosey to the pullup bars

  • 11 pullups and 11 shoulder taps x 3 rounds.
    • Totaling 33 of each for the jersey worn by Heisman winning running back, Tony Dorsett.

Mosey to the cave

  • 13 block jumps with a 13 second rest for 4 rounds
    • 13 for the jersey worn by Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino (4 for the typical years of eligibility in college)

Mosey back to the pavilion


Since YHC is a realist, 4 V-Ups, because it’ll likely be 4 pass interference calls that against Pitt that will give Tennessee the win this weekend (oh well).
A prayer was mentioned for the people affected by 9/11


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