Northeast Tennessee

Choose Your DORA Wisely

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

YHC was acting AOQ this week and what a wet and wild week it was. First Q of the week that it didn’t rain during the actual Q, but it had rained plenty beforehand. A 63* and soggy morning greeted The Range as 5 brave souls made the decision to get out of the fartsack and get a little work in.
Just to make sure none of our late arrivals were going to post and to get a nice stretch in before the real work we did TT IC x 10 and Willie Mays Hays (R/L) 10 Count then moseyed behind the gym for the THANG.
PAX were given choices, but just as in life, choices have consequences. If for the round of 100 your group selected the coupon or non coupon option, it must take the opposite in round of  200. Round of 300 your group got to reset and could choose either option, but Round of 400 had the same “guidelines” as the first 2 rounds. Round 500 was a free choice. As Partner A was exercising, Partner B could run a lap around the soccer track or Everest between the light poles and mosey back.

  • 100: OHP or HR Merkins
  • 200: Squat Thrusters or V-Ups
  • 300: Kettlebell Swings or Reverse Crunches
  • 400: Curls (for the girls) or American Hammers
  • 500: Calf Raises or Freddy Mercurys

In true non professional status, we moseyed back to the AOQ and completed right at 0615. Good Work men.
No profound items of wisdom to share today other than stating the obvious…its been a wet wet week.
Take a Q for October. Cold Call shared an idea about posting a Q at the hospital during shift change at the Hospital to show support for our local medical professionals who are  still fighting COVID. More on that to come.

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