Northeast Tennessee

The Traveling Three Ring Circus

Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)


It was a beautiful 35° morning for 7 Pax to come out to exercise and add to the mileage chase.



It was a cold crisp foggy AM so tried to waste no time to start moving

SSH X 20

Imperial Walker X 20

Abe Vigoda X 10

Through the tunnel x 10

Burbees X 5

Mosey around the Weight room parking lot then off to…

The Three Ring Circus

Ring One The Soccer Field Track

  • 15 Merkins
  • 15 LBC’s
  • 15 Box Cutters
  • Run around the track X 1

Repeated this X 4 to complete the first ring

Then off to ring two

Ring two – The Tiered parking lots

Treat this like a big rectangle

  • First corner – 10 Merkins
  • Second corner – 10 Mountain climbers
  • Third exercise – 10 Freddy Mercuries
  • Fourth exercise 10 Big Boy sit-ups
  • Continue running around the Tiered Parking lot  doing these exercises

Complete 2 X then …. Grab some Popcorn for…

Intermission at the circus –> Bear crawl up Yosemite

Mosey back down the mountain then off to the third ring

Ring Three – The Range Parking Lot

Run around this ring doing exercises at each corner

  • first corner – 10 plank jacks (?)
  • second corner – 10 sit-ups
  • third corner – 10 merkins
  • fourth corner – 10 burpees

Then The circus is coming to a close

Grab the Flag then back to start at Weight Room Lot

MARY Was the elephant’s name but no time to feed her


Thanks for keeping us safe and healthy during this week.  Thanks for the blessings that help us get out here and Bless even more those that can’t be here and those that could be here but won’t. Bless our families in this upcoming Holiday season.

No great words of wisdom just keep on moving forward aiming to improve each day
Announcement about next Friday And Saturday Ranger YETI at Bean Man’s House.  See Slack for the details! Run 5 miles every 4 hours from 6 PM Fri until 2 PM Saturday (Or any part thereof) Camp out, Have Fun!

Bonus Lap – And to finish it off -> one more lap around the track to make it 3 running miles + exercises

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