Northeast Tennessee

Black Friday Burpee Special

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)


COP – Sugar

4 PAX on an early Black Friday morning in search of some good deals and we found some.  It was good to have Butch from the Myrtle Beach AO join us this morning.

Warm Up


LBAC forward IC 17

LBAC reverse IC 17

Overhead claps IC 15

Abe Vigoda IC 10

Slow monkey humpers IC 10

The Thang

Black Friday Burpee Special – 15 reps of each exercise, but the special deal is you complete 10 burpees after each exercise before going to the next exercise.

B – Bobby Hurleys

L – Lunges (R+L = 1)

A – American Hammers w/ coupon (4 count)

C – Carolina Dry Docks

K – Kettle bell swings

F – Flying Nuns (R+L = 1)

R – Reverse Crunches

I – Imperial Walker Squats

D – Derkins

A – ABCs w/ Coupon (no 15 rep count – just complete the alphabet)

Y – Yoke Lunges (lunge holding coupon behind your neck)

Once finished, we completed an Indian Bear Crawl across the parking lot.  It was slow moving and felt like we were waiting in a long checkout line.  Next, we were ready for Mary.

Mary – On our six, we felt like men sitting around the shopping malls waiting for the ladies to finish shopping.  Each PAX took turns calling out an exercise until time ran out.

Boat Canoes

V-Ups with coupons

Homer to Marge

Freddie Mercuries

Flutter Kicks

Announcements – None


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