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Deep Thoughts on a 59th Birthday Q

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

It was a beautiful nearly 50 degrees December 3rd, 2021 morning to celebrate my 5th birthday with F3 and some thoughts gained during my 59 years.

The Warmup

Deep thought #1:

Sometimes in life we have to spend time preparing for what comes next, whether we like it or not. So here we go…

SSH X 59

Imp Walker X 20

Through the Tunnel X 10

Running arm circles (little arm circles while running) X 20

Stretch to right, then to left, slow count of 10


Mosey around the parking lot then down to bottom of Vo-Tech Hill

Deep thought #2:

Most things in life are better with a buddy.  Try not to let your good friends drift away, easy to let happen. It’s worth the time and energy.  It’s even OK to go back and pick up (re-establish contact) with a good friend you may have inadvertently dropped by the wayside in your hurried ways.  Everybody likes to be picked up again, even a couple years later.

So with that in mind pick a buddy (partner up) and as a team complete:

One person works on exercise count while other runs to top of hill does five Burpees and returns to bottom and picks up count:

100 Merkins

150 American Hammers (2 sides = 1 count)

200 LBC’s

Next we Mosey to the bottom of Skateboard Park Hill.

Deep thought #3

Sometime in life we have to keep grinding it out over and over and over.  It may feel like we are on a treadmill making no progress.  But by “keeping on” during these rough times we gain often by one of three ways; 1) we find something good results out of what seemed mundane 2) we mature in a way to help us find our next step so we are no longer on the hamster wheel or 3) we learn that we were missing the picture when we thought we were just running on a treadmill, and realize that each day we can be making a difference.

So now we will Grind it out over and over

10 V-ups at bottom of hill

Run to top of hill

10 V-ups at top of hill

Rinse and repeat until time called

Next stop Mosey back to the bottom of Vo-Tech Hill

Deep thought #4 

Doing the same thing may not be the same thing.  In life we circle back to situations, activities, or places that we’ve been at in the past expecting the experience to be similar to what it was in the past. Often the result is very different, and this can be in a good way or a bad way.  We need to keep our energy and influence strong to keep past good experiences improving in the future, and by keeping an open mind, things that did not seem great in the past may seem tremendous in the future.  As we mature what may make a good experience changes too.  For example 25 years ago I worked part time where I am now, and never would have imagined wanting to be there full time, or even wanting to be there 25 years later.  Now the place has evolved and improved, and I have changed also, to the point that I am having a great experience being there almost every day.

So, even though we are back at Vo-Tech hill, things will be very different.

Starting at the bottom 1 person of each pair does five Burpees at the bottom of the hill

while the other person runs to the top and starts exercises in backwards order (from earlier) and at a reduced number from the first time around.

50 LBC’s

75 American Hammers

100 Merkins

Now we mosey back to the start for a bit of Mary

Flutter kick

Plank till done

Last deep thought for today

Many of us find ourselves having no idea what is the right path to take at some point in our life with a college degree, vocation, or occupation.  My  advisor in College, the late Dr. David Tuma, gave me some fantastic words or wisdom for this situation.  When you are not sure what you want to do for the rest of your life, choose something you can enjoy doing now so that you can be moving forward.  Then be the BEST THAT ANYBODY CAN BE at what you are doing NOW.  LATER, when you know better what your true calling should be in life the doors will open easily for you, because others will know you by your actions and performance.  And have Faith that this all will work out!


Prayers for several Pax’s family members that are having medical issues


JC Christmas parade 12/4/21 at 10:30 AM

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