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Deep Dish 51st birthday you-do-you Q

Immortal Station (Jonesborough) Jonesborough Northeast Tennessee

57ish degrees on the thermometer, but the 6 PAX were given multiple rounds of tropical breezes throughout the morning that definitely made for an unseasonable warm December morning.
We did some in cadence stuff (SSH, TTT, Imperial walkers, LBAC forward and backward) followed by a few down and back shuffles and runs to warm up. Then we got going.
I wanted to do something that paid tribute to my 51st birthday from the day before, but I wanted some mixing it up from the standard “do a few exercises in clusters of 51 over and over”, so I tweaked the format to allow everyone some flexibility.

Four stations set up in a rectangle around the parking lot- each with a different focus. Pax would go through each of the four stations followed by a run. Here was the twist- 4-5 exercises at each station. Pax could pick and choose which exercises they did and how many reps of each, as long as the total reps at each station totaled 51. Want to do 51 merkins? Do it! Want to do 48 curls and 3 Merkins? Fine. you do you. Just do 51 total reps and move to the next corner.

The four stations:

UPPER BODY: Merkins, Coupon Curls, Coupon Rows, Coupon Overhead Press

LOWER BODY: Squats, Forward Lunge (R/L=1), Backward Lunge (R/L=1), Side lunge (R/L =1), Heel Raises

CORE: LBC, Reverse Crunch, Superman (3ct hold), American Hammers (R/L=1), Boat Canoe

FULL BODY/CARDIO: Squat Thrusts w/coupon, Mountain Climbers (R/L=1), Burpees, High Knees (R/L=1), Coupon KB Swings

Once all 4 stations were completed, it was time to run a little. Pax were again given a choice between a longer, but flatter run, to the front of the courthouse and back or a shorter run to the top of one of the hills and back.


SWAP IT OUT OPTION: If at any point someone felt like they wanted to skip one of the 4 stations during a rotation, they could replace it with one of the following options: 51-second plank, 51-second battle ropes, 51 yard farmer carry with 2 cinder blocks, 51 step-ups to a 16-inch plyo box (count 1 each step)

Called time to allow a 30-second recovery to return from current station to the circle, and then we did a 51-second plank to finish it out,
No big inspirational stuff. Just a reminder that we are in times where it often seems like many people are in attack mode and always venting anger and venom. Don’t be one of those people. This ultimately lead to deciding that the best plan is to follow the words of Bill and Ted: “Be excellent to each other!”

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