Northeast Tennessee

Dopee’s Daycare

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

9 PAX showed up to The Range to play while daddy Whiplash was away. 


  • A lap around the track
  • Little baby arm circles x 31 IC
  • Through the Tunnel x 10 IC
  • Willy Mays Hayes X 20 IC

Final instructions before daycare started – the best classes are classes that stick together and work together. With that in mind, the PAX were to spend the morning moving from one station to another around campus via an indigenous people’s run, carrying the flag, with all reps being tracked cumulatively for the group. Numbers were off because teacher Dopee miscounted the PAX during COP.


  • Stop 1: Shoulder Taps 240 Reps
  • Stop 2: Mike Tysons 160 Reps
  • Stop 3: LBCs 240 Reps
  • Stop 4: Burpees 160 Reps
  • Stop 5: Squats 240 Reps
  • Stop 6: Peter Parkers 240 Reps


The day finished with a reminder of what makes F3 work – community and accountability. Dopee noted that the only thing keeping him from giving in to the temptation to sleep in, eat too much candy, and drink too much beer is the group of guys at the range who are making sure a demanding phase of life isn’t getting the better of him. Name-O-Rama and prayer ended the day.

Convergence on Saturday at 6:30am.

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