Northeast Tennessee


Northeast Tennessee

It was rainy, it was muggy….”there is (was) a certain haze in the pavilion”.  In all honesty, at the last min I threw the audible out there so nobody HAD to get wet.  The PAX complained but I think they loved it.  Here is #TheThang

DISCLAIMER (I think Matlock approved it)


  • SSH – variable speed to only 40 (in cadence)
  • Mericans x10 IC – hold it, right hand up, left hand up – Spider x5 IC
  • Squats x 10 IC – Through the Tunnel, Willie Mayes Hayes, Toy Soldiers

ALL under the Pavilion, EMOM with the #F3Playlist going!

  • 10 Jump Squats (thats a Jump and Squat while in the air, hence JUMP SQUAT)
  • 10 Squats
  • 10 Mericans
  • 10 jLo

Partner Up! – 1 min exercise while partner does Wall Sit

  • OHP with the block
  • Curls with the block
  • Sit Ups (WW2 style)
  • Dips


  • Alphabet to L (time ran up, even for Jake)


  • The Great Equalizer will have to be unveiled ANOTHER day.  The Rain WON and kept us all close and “chattery” (bring on the mumble chatter)
  • Props to Matlock and being able to negotiate the 10 reps to 8, then 6.  That EMOM was MAJORLY audibled.  The goal was to do 20 rounds of the 10 reps.  WELL….YHC is a crowd pleaser.
  • YHC also had to eat some crow, apparently the “Bring a Coupon” applied to EVERYONE but OJ and Etch-A-Sketch – another audible
  • The mumble chatter was real….so real that Gutterball and PBS had to “demonstrate” what a real PushUp looks like.  Well….SPAM was rocking the knuckle mericans….BEAST!
  • Love this group!  The 1st F gets people out but the 2nd F keeps them coming!

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