Northeast Tennessee

Let’s See Those Legs in the Rain

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Let me apologize in advance if the 8 PAX who posted in the 49 degree rain start walking with an awkward cadence later today. If they wobble like a penguin it means they embraced YHC’s no-merkin, no-shoulder day (a bit horked up top, so nothing above the core today).



Under the pavilion

  • Abe Vigoda IC x10
  • Imperial Walkers IC x15
  • Through the Tunnel IC x10
  • Willy Mays Hays IC bouncy x10
  • Mountain Man Poopers IC x10
  • Sticky Butt Kickers IC x10

Under the pavilion

  • Freddie Mercuries IC x20
  • American Hammers IC x20
  • LBCs IC x10

Mosey along the street, around the school, to the flag pole.

Using the lower driveway loop.  Everest up the straight part. At the top, do six, 2-ct jump squats with a 180 degree rotation.  Mosey to the bottom of the hill and around to start Everesting again. Then do five, 2-ct jump squats/rotation.  Continue that declining ladder.  That’s six Everests up the hill, it probably takes 15 (for Jake) to 25 lunge/squat combos to Everest the hill. (let’s call it 20 on average x 6 rounds = 240 single leg lunges and 120 squats, not counting what’s at the top of the hill).

Mosey back to the pavilion


  • American Hammers IC x20
  • LBCx IC x10 (only doing 10 was not endorsed by Jobs)
  • Freddie Mercuries IC x20
  • Flutter kicks IC x10

Pray for Peace


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