Northeast Tennessee

It was Wet, Hard but Fun!

Northeast Tennessee

JarJar, Backfire, WhiteOwl, EtCh-A-sKeTcH
Warm Up – all 10 count in cadence unless otherwise stated

  • SSH – 40 speed up/slow down
  • Arm Circles –
  • Seal Claps (side to side and overhead)
  • Moroccan DJ
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Hillbilly Walkers
  • Mericans
  • Hold Merican, right arm up, left arm up then spider to 10
  • Squat
  • Through the tunnel
  • Willy Mayes Hayes

Surprise….PT TEST!

  • 2  min AMRAP Mericans
  • 2 min AMRAP sit ups

Now that the warm up is over…. we’ll do 4 corners (all 10 in cadence)

  • Corner 1 – Carolina Dry Docks
  • Corner 2 – dips
  • Corner 3 – Mericans
  • Corner 4 – squats
  • X3 – rinse and repeat


  • jLo
  • Alphabet


  • JarJar thanks for letting me take the keys to the kingdom today
  • Disclaimer the workout I had planned changed last night and again this am.  Some best laid plans are audibles we call in the moment.
  • Great push from everyone this am.  Sorry to drop the PT test on you workout notice but I hope next time you can beat what you did today.
  • 10 min warm up in the rain anyone?
  • White Owl, great to meet you! So many amazing ways to go with your name…. but let’s get a white owl smoke session on the books!

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