Northeast Tennessee

It was SkEtChY, WeT but NO Merkins?????

Northeast Tennessee

Today was wet and warm-ish and apparently everyone heard that “Arrowhead was sending a Q” to give a beatdown.  Apparently only 6 brave PaX came out for some SkEtChY fun in the rain.

Disclaimer – Jester reminded me that this is The March of Merkins, month and that we didn’t want to give TheRange some free Merkins.  Challenge Accepted – No Merkins!


  • SSH x 30 in varying cadence
  • ThunderStruck – doing Burpees when we heard Thunder (I believe that is a possible 33 burpees)
  • Through the Tunnel x 10IC
  • Willie Mayes Hayes (underground style) x10IC
  • Sticky Icky Butt Kickers x10IC
  • Arm Circles x10IC, flip it x10IC
  • Moroccan Night Club x10IC
  • Seal Claps x10IC

While Jamming out to the F3Playlist – we got some block work in

  • OHP x5IC
  • Skull Crushers x5IC
  • Curls x5IC
  • Squats x5IC
    • Chattanooga Choo Choo down the parking lot – mosey around the rest to start point
    • Repeato with Frog Jumps (kind of) rather than the CCC – mosey to start point

Line Up – Indian Run to other Parking Lot where TheRangeHill is located

Jacob’s Ladder on the Hill (10 to 1)

  • Squats – single count
  • LBC – 4 count

Mosey back to Launch Point


  • jLo x10IC
  • Colt 45
  • Jenny on the Block (jLo with feet on block) x10IC
  • Dying CacaRoach x2 – TIME!


  • The MumbleChatter is REAL when MoneyPenny is out!  I LOVE IT!!!  We need more of this going on at the AO’s!
  • Yesterday Jester was like….so….you aren’t going to do any Merkins tomorrow with those guys and help them out are you?  And what I should have said was….SHOW TO KNOW!  Missed opportunity.
  • You guys will consistently hear me say things like, “Remember the 6” or “Focus on the 6” and I hope today was a great example of keeping the PaX together, challenging the 6 and the guys like Whiplash and MoneyPenny (honestly – everyone there today kicked my butt!)
  • Couple guys got some ExtraCredit miles in before the workout – TClaps to Whiplash and the crew


  • Convergence April 2nd!!!!!!!!   Lets start to plan some ClownCars for Erwin!
  • F3 Dad’s is April 23rd at Arrowhead!  Great opportunity to get the 2.0s out AND to EH some of your friends with kids (have your 2.0s EH their 2.0s!)

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