Northeast Tennessee

The perfect storm of EtCh’s 10 Yr AnNiVeRsArY Q on Mar10

Northeast Tennessee

Hard to believe….10 years being a part of F3.  There have been MANY HIGHS and some tough times as well.  I can say I am a better man for being in this group.  Excited to have connected with the F3NETN men.

With that said – today is Mar10 (Mario) so….we HAD to do a Mario Theme!


With Mario Theme Songs playing in the background…..

  • Mario Run (in place)
  • Mario Squat Jumps (hold the squat and jump over the Goombas)
  • Mario Merkins x10 IC
  • Through the Tunnel
  • Willie Mayes Hayes
  • Sticky Icky Butt Kickers

THE THANG – It’s Mario Theme – so EVERYONE got a Blue Shell to throw at ANYONE during the workout (5 burpees)

Mario Kart Run to the Road (Indian run making Mario sounds as you pass people – thank you Gutterball for playing along!).

Mario’s Ladder (Jacob’s Ladder with a TwIsT) 10 to 1 running 3 light poles

  • Money Humpers (starting at 10)
  • Stop in middle and do Mario Frogs swim x10 halfway (Crunchy Frog)
  • Incline Merkins (starting at 1)

***Randomly someone hit us with a Lightening Bolt – everyone had to do 10 Merkins!

Mario Kart run to #TheHill

  • Partner Up – P1 run to bottom and back
  • P2 – Flying Mario (Superman)
    • Flip Flop
  • 2nd round was P1 Run and P2 Banana

Chattanooga Choo Choo down the parking lot

  • Props to GB and others for knocking out Merkins while holding the plank!

Wall Sit

  • Fireball Throws (air punch)
  • Mario Carrot Pulls (Mario 2 you could pull veggies – aka touch the heels)

****another Lightening Bolt! 10 more merkins!!!

Mario Kart run back to Launch Point!


  • jLo
  • hold plank to 6:15


  • I have shared my pre-F3 pic and have to tell you that losing 80lbs was not the best part of F3.  For me, it is the friendships I have made and leadership I have learned from this group.  The mentality of #Iam3rd is something that I hope EVERYONE in my life see’s, starting with family, friends, strangers, work….whatever.  We should ALWAYS be a benefit to someone.  BUT also never be afraid to reach out when we need to be pulled up. Jester – thanks for getting me out to THIS group of fantastic F3 men!
  • Thanks to Monty and Lester for making the trip!  I love seeing guys visit AO’s and getting out to meet new PaX.  The 2ndF is the GLUE that sticks us together.  (1stF is the magnet – but the 2nd is the glue).
  • Hopefully everyone had some fun this am – it was cool to see Gutterball, SPAM, Ghostrider REALLY get into the Mario Theme this am.

Convergence April 2nd in Erwin!  Start to plan Clown Cars NOW!

F3 Dads = April 23rd!  DO NOT MISS OUT!  Start to share with FNGs now!

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