Northeast Tennessee

A SkEtChY AuDiBlE was called by MaTlOcK?!?!?!?

Northeast Tennessee

Taking the Q at Underground was the perfect was to finish off a week of Q’s (never Q’d everyday before – WOW) and remembering back on 10 years of being in F3.  As all of my Q’s are – things got SkEtChY when Matlock showed up and said….”I forgot my coupon”.

WELL….. I grabbed the speaker from the truck, the block out the back and GOT TO WORK!  (sounds like a country song).

DISCLAIMER – (I might need a disclaimer for my disclaimer – they are getting BAD)

  • SSH
  • Through the tunnel
  • Abe Bagoda (SP check?)
  • Willie Mayes Hayes
  • Sticky Butt Kickers
  • Squats
  • Arm Circles
    • flip it
  • Seal Claps
    • side to side and overhead
  • Moroccan Night Club or Moroccan DJs
  • Merkins x10

Beep Test

  • 20 meter sprint – using a Beep Test app.
  • Somehow we had 2 guys fighting it out at the end – who would have ever guessed it would get competitive

Partner Up – Grab your Coupon and TURN THE TUNES UP!!!!

  • P1 – OHP
    • P2 – Run
  • P1 – Skull Crushers
    • P2 – Bear Crawl
  • P1 – Curls (not for the girls)
    • P2 – Lunge Walk
  • P1 – Squats
    • P2 – Bernie Sanders



  • Run to back of P Lot
  • LBC x 20 IC
  • Rosalita x 10 IC
  • Low Dolly x 10 IC
  • Flutter Kicks x 10IC
    • Run to another part of P Lot
    • Repeato!
  • Run to Starting Point – Plank for 15 seconds (we hit time)


  • If you haven’t been to Underground – you should make it out.  The AO is OUTSTANDING and the guys out here are pretty good as well (understatement of the year).
  • Great to see some “travelers” today – T-Claps to Matlock and Launchpad for coming out.  6 is WAY more fun than 3!
  • Matlock stayed up late last night reading the ByLaws of F3 and Underground and came with plans to throw off the Q.  No lie – I literally flipped things around, on the fly!  It’s great to come out and slow things down and focus on the group and having fun.  Felt like Payton Manning calling out Omaha this am!


  • Convergence on April 2nd in Erwin!  Have you planned your clown car yet?
  • F3 Dad’s – April 23rd!  7am at Arrowhead!
    • Tell your M’s and 2.0’s now!  Tell your friends – this is a great time to EH some guys in the area.

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