Northeast Tennessee

Shuffle the Deck

Northeast Tennessee

10 pax gathered in the gloom at the Jonesborough Library in 50 degree weather
Cluck declared he is not a professional and that they were there of their own free will. The group recited the 5 principles of F3.
Locks drew a 6 out of the deck, so we started with motivators from 6, followed by upward/downward dogs with merkins (up to 5), followed by little and big baby are circles.
Eliminating 2’s, 3’s and 4’s from the deck, we drew cards in order and responded to the suit and count for each card. Aces were a 15 count, and jokers (both drew one after the other as it turns out) meant a run up Hotel Hill and back.

  • Diamonds- squats at the Visitor’s Center (short mosey)
  • Hearts- CPR’s with coupons (stay put)
  • Clubs- burpees at the hardward store lot (short mosey)
  • Spades- lunges (L-R = one) at the bottom of Magnolia Hill

We had a short Mary with boat-canoes in honor of Thumper.
CIRCLE OF TRUST- 10 pax: Locks, Honeysuckle, Short Track, Wiz, Showtime, Cluck, Homer, Pam, Chaco, and Mail Order. 

PRAYER- prayed for strength, as we men are the cups of strength to suffering souls. We lifted up Short Tracks friend and his family, Lock’s friend Jerry and his career, and Cluck’s friend Kip, who lost his dad on Tuesday. 
Cluck recalled the Indy race in Texas on Sunday, and how the leader of most of the race was passed in the final turn by a teammate. “It’s like getting tackled at the 5-yard line,” Tommy Tipton might say. Whether we are Alpha or Beta males, its tough to feel loss. As leaders, we have to dig deep and seek the Holy Spirit to help us help others and ourselves.
Not sure who is leading Saturday. Locks and Chaco will be out hiking with Trail Life. Cluck is off to the beach.

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