Northeast Tennessee

Running and Pushing 3/25

Gray The Underground (Daniel Boone HS) Northeast Tennessee Johnson City

Once again the Mercury dropped below 40 degrees for the Pax of Underground. 3 made it out to do some running and pushing
Started with a light mosey to the far corner of the upper level of the tiered parking lot. SSH – IC x 10, mosied to bottom corner of the parking lot – IW – IC x 10, mosied to the other bottom corner – Squats – IC x 10, Mosied to top corner of the third level – WMH – IC x 10, Mosied to the opposite corner – LBCs – IC x 10, Mosied to the lower corner of tier 2 – LBAC – IC x 10 F&R
Using the speed bumps and light posts in the 3rd tier. Pax did 11s:

  • Round 1: 1st speed bump – 1 squat run to the last light – 10 merkins, continue until you flip-flop those numbers. The distance was about 100 meters
  • Round 2: 1st speed bump – 10 merkins run to the 3rd speed bump – 1 LBC
  • Mosey to COT and do 10-20 merkins to finish

No time
PRAYER – Remember those caring for loved ones that are either sick, injured, or need assistance. Remember Jar Jar’s coworker who lost his sister over the weekend. 
Convergence on 4/2 at Iron Valley. Keep posting merkins.

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