Northeast Tennessee

Well, that was dumb

Northeast Tennessee Iron Horse (Founders Park)

9 men ignored the cold temps and braved a Saturday morning tour of downtown
The morning started with extra credit with a burpee train arriving 4 minutes early, since some of the Pax were stalled by the train, YHC made sure to officially start with another 10 burpees.  Motivator from 5 followed by some stretching and ‘Merkins added in for fun.
YHC’s plan to visit the best downtown offers started with a round of running suicides with a ‘Merkins at each line in the parking lot and adding one for each line, it turned dumb when we passed ten.  Next, we moseyed to the wall at Wild Wing and did some wall sits, on to King Commons where we we did a countdown from 5 with dips and decline ‘Merkins.  Move to the playground below the library and take advantage of the soft surface for v-ups and tuck-knee-jumps while a partner ran up the steps of the depository mimicking Rocky at the top.  From there we went to Muncy and did a bag bear-crawl up the lower hill.  Making the most of our new found weight we formed two seated lines facing each other and did WW1 sit ups with the bag on our chest and then passing it on to the next victim, er, PAX.  Ran to the top of the hill to “kiss the girl”, noticed time was escaping us and proceeded back to start using the bag for an Indian run.

Funny how most of it started with YHC stating “this will be fun” and then ending with “well, that was dumb”.  Welcome Fuller from MuleTown and FNG Stroud.
Convergence next week

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