Northeast Tennessee

“Tailgator” Saturday Workout

Northeast Tennessee

6 Pax (FreezeFrame, Locks, No Knock, Homer, Snake Eyes, and Pam) joined Cluck to celebrate the dawn of Tennessee-Florida football weekend.
PRAYER- “Lord, watch our steps, and may we glorify you in giving strength and encouragement to one another.”
Since the spread for the game was 10 1/2, we began with Motivators from 10, followed by seal claps, merkins, and Abe Vigoda’s.

  • First and 10: lined up and moseyed one parking space and completed 1 burpee, sprint back. Two spaces with 2 burpees…up to 10 spaces and 10 burpees (55).
  • Second and short: lunge one parking space, 2 squats; lunge 2 spaces/four squats; 3 spaces and 6; 4 & 8; turn around and complete 5/10 and 6/12.
  • Penalty! Flag is thrown for Unsportsmanlike Conduct (unspecified misbevior). Group assessed Aligator Merkins to 10 (in cadence).
  • Third and Long: Run to Jonesborough UMC and back.
  • Fourth Down: Field goal attempt = Splitting the uprights between Magnolia and Hotel hills: run Magnolia and complete 5 eight-count burpees. Run down and up Hotel Hill and complete 10 of the same.
  • Defense: Bernie Sanders down parking lot and back. Side shuffles down and back.
  • Tip-Drill: Lined up in an Indian run formation. Tipped beach ball over our heads backwards along the line. If the ball hits the ground, it’s 3 burpees. We earned 4 sets of 3.
  • One victory lap around the library run to complete UT karma workout over Florida.

With 5 minutes remaining, we did peer-led ab workouts: ankle-biters, Freddie Mercuries, reverse crunches, and heels-to-heaven.
CIRCLE OF TRUST – see video attachment
PRAYER- Homer closed us, praying for Bill (job), Pam’s daughter’s mission trip, and our friends running the Bluegrass Half Marathon on Sunday.
Luke 6:46: “Why do call me Lord, and do not do what I say?” Satan’s greatest trick is convincing us that we will never find happiness through obedience.
Chow time following workout: fresh pork chop biscuits (Locks), fruit, h20, chicken minis, protein drinks, and virgin mimosas. Salud!

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