Northeast Tennessee

Moneypenny’s 4 for 4 Years

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

A balmy 50 degrees welcomed 14 pax (Ponzi was early and Nickleback was tardy!) to the top of Ranger Hill to celebrate YHC’s 4th year of F3 (who thought I’d survive a month?).  Stretching was advised beforehand as we were on the move quickly with the 007 theme serving as the opening song of today’s soundtrack.
Indigenous run with the medicine ball as we wove around the Soccer Track on our way to the Stadium Track.
One of YHC’s favorite games on the track over four years has been “Catch Me if You Can” introduced by Rite-Aid.  Today’s twist:  roadblocks at halfway points on the track 200m apart:  4 merkins and 4 4-Count LBCs.  Choose a partner and each start at halfway points and run like heck to catch the other one, stopping only to perform the roadblocks.  Catch your partner?  Do 4 burpees and reset your game.  Running for miles and a high calorie burn today.

Indigenous run back to the starting point with a little lap around the lot to get 4.01 miles for YHC to mark 4 Years of work in the gloom.
F3 has me in the best shape, with the best friends, and the best “iron sharpeners” anywhere.  If you come early, come late, or leave early, it doesn’t matter.  You’re still putting in work.  Keep after it.
Reminders about the November challenge and the Range’s own challenge to run at least 2 miles per day this month just because.

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