Northeast Tennessee

Thanksgiving PT Challenge – In Tenderness

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

6 Pax rolled in to Ironhorse for the Thursday show, which was completely different than the Tuesday show.  1.71 Miles of Running were completed before all involved resolved to return to their regularly scheduled Thanksgiving Day plans.

Song’s intended (sorry for all technical failures):

Josh Garrels, Run Run – YouTube, Valor Valor – YouTube

Citizens – In Tenderness In Tenderness – Citizens (Lyrics) – YouTube
Run a lap around Founders.

Shoulder Pretzels



As many reps as possible of the following 10 exercises in one minute each.  Sugar is still out there putting in work.  Interested Pax recorded their reps and will have that number as a benchmark for comparison.  By request, Grillz added an exercise to this that I don’t know the name of.  Jump Lunges followed by a Jump Squat Tuck.  Not all recorded the number of these completed.

  1.  Merkins –
  2.  Squats –
  3.  BBSU –
  4.  Burpees –
  5.  SSH –
    • Run another Lap
  6.  LBC –
  7.  Mountain Climbers –
  8.  Block Curls –
  9.  Block Overhead Press –
  10. Plank Hold — (as long as you can)
    • Run Another Founders Lap

Note for anyone looking to duplicate this, my plan of setting a billion alarms so I could participate in the workout didn’t work out.  I ended up fastforwarding random songs to one minute remaining and tracking exercises like that.  Not ideal.  Perhaps need to develop a phone application, or find a pax who has a 1-minute sand timer instead of the 2-minute sand timers that I have.  Maybe an annoying Scattergories timer/buzzer.

Hold the block over your head

Prayer for conversations around the table for Thanksgiving.  Be salt & be light.

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