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Northeast Tennessee

3rd Tuesday of the month means 1 thing….TheVern! Well, not today.  Today we pay respects to our fallen F3 brother Cardinal.


Weinkie from January 11, 2023


Cardnial’s V-Q 




15- Side Straddles Hops 

10- Tempo Merkins*

10- Flutter Kicks Double Count 

10- Little Baby Arm Circles Forward 

10-   Backward 

10- Hallujahs

10-       Knoxville Cherry Pickers*

20 Sec. Samson Hold*

PHELPS it out  

10-       Willie Mayes Hayes 



“Card’s Run and Repeat”


5- Burpees  – We suggest a moment of silence for our brother Cardinal after completing this first set. -Rampart Burpee Counter 10

Big Boys 

Heels to Heaven 

Run to the sign and repeat (each run to the sign is 160 meters) 


10- Burpees Burpee Counter 30

Little Baby Crunches 

Mt. Climbers Double Count 

Run to the sign and repeat 


15- Burpees Burpee Counter 60

Air Squats 

Freddy Mercury’s 

Run to the sign and repeat 

When you return hold squat until all Pax have finished 


As a group if there is time


20- Burpees Burpee Counter 100


Run to the sign and repeat (1,200 meters compleat which is ¾ of a mile) 



Total of 100- Burpees 

10- Big Boys 

10- Heels to Heaven

20- Crunches

20- Mt. Climbers 

30- Air Squats 

30- *Air Bike rides 

¾- Mile run 


Mary- Call Out  

AOQ’s Notes…

*Tempo Merkin is a single slow Merkin happening in a 4 count. 1-3 lowering. Top of the Merkin on 4.


*Knoxville Cherry Picker is a little funny. Other regions call it 3rd grade exercise, tappy-taps, or grass grabbers. It’s a forward fold with feet spread, touching the ground with finger tips 3 times successively further between the legs for 1-3. At 4, PAX stand straight up and stretch hip flexors.


*Hallelujahs are a shoulder burn exercise. Hands up at ear level. Raise up to full extension I cadence. 1 up, 2 down, 3 up, 4 down.


*Samson Holds – I think he got this out of order. We usually do these at the end of a long series of shoulder burn. Arms extended straight out like your pushing against two pillars (hence). Hold until Q has sufficient amount of complains.


*Air Bikes are because Cardinal couldn’t ever remember Freddie Mercury.

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