Northeast Tennessee

A Legtastic Day to Get Motivated!

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

The chilliest morning yet (that YHC has posted for) didn’t scare 19 Pax away. YHC was thankful to be the Q for the day, otherwise YHC would have been fartsacking. YHC knew that 8 Pax would double down and immediately conduct a 5k ruck, so YHC graciously planned a Q that would ensure all legs were nice and warm.

YHC introduced a new exercise called The Motivator to the Pax. It consists of side-straddle-hops, half-jacks, side-straddles, and hops. Whatever number is chosen, for example 7, the Pax conduct 7 of each exercise, then 6, 5, 4, and so on down through 1.

Before we got started, an unnamed Pax had difficulty posting the shovel flag. YHC quoted an Army saying, “You have to be 10% smarter than the equipment you work with.”

Conditions: A very balmy 37




The Motivator (Starting from 7)


Imperial Walkers 15IC

Windmills 10IC

Hillbilly Walkers 15IC

Willy Mays Hayes 10IC

The Thang

Partner up. Partners take turns conducting an exercise while other partner runs to a far set of cones. Switch upon runner’s return. Repetitions were cumulative

Mule Kicks 100

Jump Squats 100

Knee Slappers 100

Switch Kicks 100

Lunges 100

The Motivator (Starting from 5)

Find a new partner

Mule Kicks 50

Jump Squats 50

Knee Slappers 50

Switch Kicks 50

Lunges 50

The Motivator (Starting from 5)

No mercy and no partner this time. Run down and back between exercises.

Mule Kicks 25

Jump Squats 25

Knee Slappers 25

Switch Kicks 25

Lunges 25

The Motivator (Starting from 5)

Jumping Lunges 16OYO

Jumping Squats 10OYO (At this point all of YHC’s blood had left his brain and YHC started to do Jumping Lunges)

Jumping Lunges 10OYO (YHC saw this as the a way to save a little face)


American Hammers 30IC


Frog Kicks 21IC


Namerama – Welcome FNG Shepherd!

BOM/Prayer – Singlet

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