Northeast Tennessee

Sticks and stones may break my bones but Rain will never hurt me!

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

When 12/6/16

Q: Chum, Bday and V Q

The PAX: Betsy, Concussion, Honcho, Jar Jar, Slugger, Kardashian, Queen, Ponzi, Ambien, Chum, Sweaty Palms, Red Card, Penn-Seagal, Baby, Donatello, Sheldon, Beaker, Pedialyte, FNG = Training Wheels henceforth

Time: 5:30

Weather: Temp 43° and rainy


Circle of Prayer

Warm-up            Under the roof

Side Straddle Hop X 54

Windmills X 27

Merkins X 20

Imperial walker X 27

Little Baby Crunches X 20

Little baby arm circles       Forward X 27,   Reverse X 18

Plank Jacks alternating with Merkins; 1 plank jack plus 1 Merkin = 1 rep , 20 reps

Chumbapurbee – Play music of tune tubthumber     During the music we did continuous OYO side straddle hops alternating with a burpee every time music says “knocked down” for total of 27 burpees

Tried to get a bit of a feel for how many would revolt if went out in the rain. Only really felt one was in that category and rain eased up so out we went after the warm up..

The Workout

Route 66 = Mosey around the Founders park loop pausing on the way to do big boy sit-ups in the rain and swamp. Started at 1 sit-up at first light post, incrementing by one sit-up each light post until 11 sit-ups at 11th light post for a total of 66 big boy sit-ups.

Heard some definite groans on the return trip about swamp life now growing in their shorts!

Bring Sally Up music titled “Flower” by Moby;   Start with chest on the ground,

when song says “Bring Sally Up” get in the Merkin up position

when song says “Bring Sally Down” get in the Merkin down position.

hold the down position until the next up. 31 Merkins in song

Boxcutter start on 6 with legs together 6 inches up in air


Flutter Kicks X 20

By about this time I had just about lost my voice, sorry about that. My long genealogy of loudmouths in my family tree did not come to my rescue here!

Dora 1-2-3 (modified) Choose a partner, each team needs to reach cumulative goal. One person does exercise while other person runs to end of Farmers Market building and back.  Each team needs to do 50 Merkins, 100 Little baby crunches, and 150 squats,

Bodies Hit the Floor – Music   This is done to the song Bodies by Drowning Pool (3:21). Start in plank position.

When the song says “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor” do a Donkey Kick (26 Total).

When the song counts (1, 2, 3, 4) do a Merkin (21 Total).

Always plank when not doing Donkey Kicks or Merkins and never let your Bodies Hit The Floor.

Planned but not done due to time another Route 66 with Merkins at each light post;  Run around the loop, At 1st light post do one Merkin, at second do two, at third do 3, and so on until 11 merkins at 11th light post, then mosey it back here for total of 66 Merkins



FNG named Training Wheels

Announcements: Announced need for a Q person this Saturday, but as quick as that, it had already been snatched up by Honcho…. Thanks!

Prayer, sorry it was not quite what I intended… I was in a hyper-adrenaline state by this point and hardly able to make noise…(or sense!)


Just wanted to say how much this group has meant to me. Finding F3 came at just the right time and has been a very positive experience. Thanks for sharing your Faith and all your hard work.

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