Northeast Tennessee

Blackberry Winter

Northeast Tennessee Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Conditions: 43 no rain but plenty wet, but lateral decline bear crawls warm you up real quick

Jar Jar and YHC decided to co-Q and try some new things. 24 Pax chose the red pill and put in some work.

Disclaimer: Jar Jar and Kardashian

COP: Kardashian


  • Mercans X 20 IC
  • TTT X 15 IC
  • Seal Jacks X 20 IC
  • Don Quixotes X 15 IC
  • Inchworm X 5

The Thang:

The Pax split in half. Kardashian took one group to Amphitheatre and Jar Jar to a group to Tombstone Hill:


  • Decline Centipede Mercans (groups of 4, 5 in each position run to sundial between transitions) – Position 2 is the worst, IMHO
  • Decline Lateral Bear Crawl from second tier (out to in) touch power box touch sundial, raccoon crawl (in to out) touch power box touch sundial, repeat.
  • Partner-Wall-Dip-Squats X 5 switch (somehow Kardashian’s group missed this one)

Tombstone Hill:

In groups of 4

  • 1 at first pole – 40 Flutter Kicks – then Bernie Sanders to
  • 2 at 2nd pole – 200 WWI SU (cumulative) – when 1 relieves, lunge to
  • 3 at 3rd pole – 300 boat canoes (cumulative) – when 2 relieves, broad jump to
  • 4 at 4th pole – 400 American Hammers (count on right side) – when 3 relieves, run down to first pole


Everyone circled back at the flag for dealer’s choice Mary, consisting of elevators, boat canoes, hydraulics, burpees, and crab crawls.


  • Countarama
  • Namearama
  • Prayer


Welcome Jeff Lewis, local Pharmacist (finally, we got a pharmacist to post!), and leaving from AO to take dance lessons with 2.0, thus: Tutu

We STILL have room for one runner for the GOMR.


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