Northeast Tennessee

I Just Can’t Do It Alone

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

17 Pax arrived (wow! all on time!) to the warm, humid gloom to put in some work.

DISCLAIMER – Kardashian
PRAYER – Kardashian


  • Motivators X 7
  • TTT X 15
  • DQ X 15 @ 3000 RPMs
  • Mericans X 5
  • IW X 15
  • HW X 15
  • LBAC X 15 <>
  • Shoulder Pretzels X 20
    Mosey to the field (partner up on the way and size matters). Zig-Zag lamp post to lamp post where exercises and travel instructions are posted.
  • Wheel barrow > Merican Squats X 15 > Wheel Barrow (switch places) > Merican squats X 15 (switch places) >
  • Lunge > Bropees X 10 >
  • Partner drag > Cliff hanger mericans X 10 (switch places) > Partner Drag
  • Bear Crawl > Boyah Mericans X 20 > Broad Jump>
  • Hail Mary X 20 (switch paces) > Piggy back > Bear Crawl Inchworm (2.5 laps)

Gassers – 40ish yards 3-5 minutes


  • Flutter Kicks X 49
  • LBCs X 15 (s – l – o – w 3 count hold)
  • Dolly X 15
  • Captain Thor X 4:16


Welcome FNGs Jimmy Miller, wrestling coach and hot yoga aficionado = NaMasty; and Joseph Sherrill, dad of some number and ages of kids (he almost got Alheimer’s for that but YHC didn’t want a Howler [see Harry Potter] from Donatello), SO . . . med practice office manager > office > Office Space = Swingline.

PRAYER – Kardashian

One of our pastors posted to social media an image in which a human chain was formed to save a family that had been pulled out by a rip current at Ft. Lauderdale. My natural skepticism makes me wonder whether the event actually happened or the image is an elaborate display of someone’s PhotoShop abilities. Now you should know that my 2.0s say that my super hero name is The Leveler. If one of them makes a 95 on a test, my comment is, “That’s great. Why did you miss 5 points.”

That said, the image demonstrates a concept we all need to understand, that we can’t do it alone. YHC needs the partnership of other men who can push me to be better, my M who softens my rough edges (she is The Leveler’s arch nemesis) and teams with me to make our family work, and of course, our Heavenly Father who strengthens me, gifts me, and allows me to push through when I truly CAN’T do it.


  • Kingsport launch is Saturday EH your Kingsport contacts. 7AM at Indian Highland ParK
  • FiA launch is August 26 at Founders Park at 7:15AM. F3 @Iron Horse will move to 6-7AM on that date.
  • Sign up for Goliath at the Gorge. This CSAUP event will be a blast. WE ARE READY TO SLAY THE GIANT!!

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