Northeast Tennessee

Q101…and intro to Tombstone Hill

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park) Starfish Qs

10 @F3LakeMurray pax piled in #clowncars for a 24hour road trip west of Cumberland Gap to Johnson City…Tennessee (how many times has that been said before?) 21 men awaited us for Week Six (Q101) and the final week of @F3JohnsonCity launch. In the crowd of 21 were 4 FNGs along with one pax who had forgotten his name earlier. One of the four FNGs was 67 year old Mikey – who was #EHd by @F3LakeMurray HallPass. T-claps to both men!

Only fitting that #IronHorse is beside a former train Depot. Made some of us SC pax feel right at home like we were @F3Depot The AO provides great visibility for F3 as the adjacent market has plenty of onlookers for the Saturday workouts. Spread the word men! #EH the crowd.

After an evening of 2ndF at Yee-Haw for some tacos and beer (@F3LakeMurray regional favorites), it was unsure who would be dragging more in the gloom – the veterans or the FNGs.

Work began promptly at 7:00 a.m.

Conditions Unusually pleasant for the guys from LakeMurray. 66 degrees, pollen count 3, UV 8, pressure 30.08 steady, hint of tequila in the air


The Thang

Reload on the Q

Lap the west end of park and circle up

SealJacks 20 IC
PlankJackMerkins 15 IC

Mosey to the flag, partner up and line up on sidewalk facing sidewalk across field…

P1 Flutters, P2 BearCrawl across field and back. Flapjack, plank for 6
P1 Merkins, P2 Reverse run across and back. Flapjack, plank for 6
P1 Al Gore, P2 DuckWalk across and run back. Flapjack, plank for 6
P1 LBCs, P2 Karaoke left across and Karaoke right back. Flapjack, plank for 6

Neckbrace on the Q

Mosey to retaining wall across the creek.
Flutters for the 6 and then…
Flutters 10 IC
Stepups 10 IC each leg
Incline Merkins 10 IC

Line up at bottom of (now known as) Tombstone Hill for Jacobs Ladder (Neckbrace again with the disclaimer…he had his eye on this hill during Recon yesterday and decided TODAY would be the day JC pax experienced Tombstone Hill)

Run to top for 10 burpees
Run to bottom for 9 burpees
Rinse and Repeat until bottom with 1 burpee
Run back to top for High Knees 10 IC
Jailbreak to the bottom

Double Indian Run to east end Amphitheater, circle up in plank around concrete plaza for Ring of Fire.
10 Merkins each, Depends on south end and Pythagorus on the north start, moving clockwise around PAX. All others hold plank.

Mosey to lower retaining wall.
Low wall – Decline Merkins 10 OYO
Middle wall – Box Jumps 10 OYO
High wall – Dips 10 OYO
Plank for 6
R&R with 8 each station, plank
R&R with 6 each station, plank
R&R with 4 each station, Al Gore
R&R with 2 each station, Monkey Humpers (nice with Farmers Market shoppers staring at us)

Line up on south sidewalk for single Indian Run through park. Jailbreak back to flag with 50 yards to spare

Flutters 20 IC
Freddie Mercuries 20 IC
IWs 20 IC
Iron Crosses 20 OYO



Phillip Webb – owns lumber yard – Sawdust – Splinter

Josh Cole – works on powergrid – Sparky – Blackout

Mickey Grant (67yo, respect, EH by @F3LakeMurray HallPass), owns Buc’s Deli – Dagwood

JP Kadish – from Detroit – Eminem – SlimShday – 8 mile

Scott (not really FNG, but didn’t know his name) married to former Colts cheerleader – Unitas – Peyton – Trophy Husband – PomPom


Donatello thanked F3LakeMurrray and the other regions that have made the launch a success. 51 FNGs have come to IronHorse and 25 of those have posted 3 or more times in the first few weeks. Tclaps to these men for planting the flag and helping the AO continue to grow.

Today was last day of regional visits to Johnson City. Going forward, they stand on their own and will see growth directly related to the work they do EHing and making a difference in the community.

Park near the amphitheatre for midweek workouts (Tues/Thurs 5:30) and park at far end of park for Saturday 7am workouts



Great to see a #HIM #LightingtheFire miles from his earlier AO/Region @F3LexSC. It’s been one year, today, since Donatello moved to Johnson City and he (along with others) have worked hard to bring @F3Nation to the community to invigorate and build male leaders. Good work, men. You are well on your way to making a difference in the lives of your community – and yourselves!

Thanks to all the regions who supported the launch: F3LexSC (sponsor), F3LakeMurray, F3SwampRabbit, F3Asheville, F3Knoxville


Reload from Rick Warren’s email blasts

Have You Given Jesus Control of Your Career?

“Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need” (Matthew 6:33 NLT, second edition).

If you want your life to turn from emptiness to overflowing, then give Jesus complete control of your life, including your career.

Luke 5:3 says, “Jesus got into one of the boats, the one that belonged to Simon, and asked him to push off a little from the land. Then Jesus sat down and continued to teach the people from the boat” (NCV).
The disciples had worked all night and caught nothing. Then Jesus stepped into their boat and told them to cast their nets again. When they did, they caught so many fish that the nets began to break! It was the same lake, the same boat, the same nets, the same fishermen, and the same fish. The only difference between nothing and fullness was Jesus is in the boat.

Here’s the starting point: You’ve got to get Jesus in your boat.

What’s your boat? It’s how you make a living. Simon’s business was his boat because he was a fisherman. The boat represents your career, your profession, your job, just like it represented Simon Peter’s entire livelihood.

What does it mean to have Jesus in your boat?

It means you dedicate your career to God. We’re not talking about salvation here. You may have Jesus in your life, but have you given him control of your career? You’ve trusted him for salvation and you go to church on the weekends and praise God. But when you go back to work during the week, is Jesus there and trusted in your job? Or do you put Jesus on the shelf?

When Simon Peter gave his job to Jesus, he was blessed with incredible results. But don’t miss the sequence. We sometimes think, “God, make me really successful in business, and then I’ll serve you with the success.” Wrong! It’s the exact opposite. First, Peter gave Jesus control of his job. Then Jesus blessed Peter’s job with enormous success. That’s the order.

The Bible says in Matthew 6:33, “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need” (NLT, second edition).

Whatever you want God to bless, put him first. You want God to bless your time? You give him the first part of every day. You want God to bless your money? You give him the first 10 percent of your income, no matter how small it is. You want God to bless your job? You give him control, no matter how successful you are.

What would it look like if you gave control of your job to Jesus?

What are your fears or concerns about making God the center of your career?

How do you want God to bless you in your career? What do you think he wants you to do first?

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