Northeast Tennessee

Some Merkins w/ That?

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

*Originally posted by Donatello, clearly a slacker, on behalf of Honcho*




  • SSH (20 IC)
  • Imperial Walkers (15 IC)
  • Flutter Kicks (15 IC)
  • Hillbillies (15 IC)

Mosey to Amphitheater

Go up a level, alternating merkin/squats

  • 40 merkins/40 squats
  • 40 incline merkins on wall /40 squats
  • 40 derkins on wall /40 squats

Rinse and repeat

Mosey to Tombstone Hill

Bernie Sanders up the Hill / 25 squats / back down the hill and 25 Merkins at bottom

Rinse and repeat

Bermuda Triangle—Parner 1 runs the triangle while partner 2 works on knocking out the reps. Rinse and repeat, rotating around the triangle (cumulative total between partners)

  • 75 burpees | 100 merkins | 150 squats


That was a lot of merkins. We thought the day was done until a row of cars lined up behind—that’s right—a burpee train. Technically the workout was over, so guys were off the hook, the flag had been put away. However, what started as a joke by Doogie, turned into the PAX filing out of their cars and knocking out burpees until the train passed. Although somewhat comical, it also reflect just how awesome the JC Pax are, it was great.

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