Northeast Tennessee

Lunge-o-holic Anonymous Meeting

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

DISCLAIMER: to the weak of heart beware!



SSH x30 (IC)
Imperial Walker x20 (IC)
Hillbilly Walker x20 (IC) … a local favorite
SSH x20 (IC) …”wait, what? Didn’t we already do that?”  “Yes, Jester…I heard that you love them!”
Merkins x10 (IC)
LBC x20 (3 count hold IC)
SSH x20 (IC) …”wait,what? Didn’t we already do that?”” “Of course, Jester!”
Jump Squats x20 (3 count hold then jump IC)

Mosey to the top of the Park

TTT x10 (IC)
Don Quixote x10(IC)
Michael Phelps (OYO)
LBAC x10 (IC)
Michael Phelps (OYO)
LBAC x10 reverse (IC)

Mosey to the…LUNGE CONES!!!!



At each cone the PAX will perform a set of merkins and Big Boy Situps.  Between cones 1 and 2 lunge walk, bear crawl from cone 2 to cone 3, lunge walk (“Wait, what?…”Yes, Jester! Just do it”), then mosey back to cone 1.  The cones are approximately 20-25 yards apart.
Round 1: 5 merkins and 5 BBS
Round 2: 10 merkins and 10 BBS
Round 3: 15 merkins and 15 BBS
Round 4: 20 merkins and 20 BBS




Prayer Request: Close friend of Jester is losing her battle with cancer.  She will be passing very soon.  She will be leaving behind her husband and two children.


Baby has a soccer league that play on Sundays.  The start times are between 1pm and 3pm and usually last an hour.  Skills are optionally…they desperate need of bodies…substitutes really.

Keystone will be coordinating a gymnastics event in January.  He will need help unloading then reloading a moving van with equipment for the event at ETSU.  More details to come.

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