Northeast Tennessee

Who Cut the Deck?

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Today’s plan was simple. YHC had planned to spring a nice little shuttle run beep test on the Pax, but after 2.5 miles of stairs yesterday—audible. Back in the day—before F3—a deck of cards was my go to workout when I wanted variety but didn’t want to put the thought into a workout. It was time to introduce the JC Pax to the Deck of Pain.




  • SSH (30 IC)
  • Imperial Walkers (15 IC)
  • Will Mays Hayes (10 IC)
  • Windmills (10 IC)
  • TTT (10 IC)
  • Hillbilly Walkers (15 IC)
  • LBAC (10 IC, each way)
  • Take a lap around the Ampitheater—middle stairs loop

Sport specific warm-up

  • Hand Release Merkins (5 OYO)
  • Buprees (5 OYO)
  • Box Jumps/Step-ups (5 OYO)
  • Lunges (5 OYO, both legs = 1 rep)

I think you see where this is going…

The Thang:

Deck of Cards:

  • Reps=number on the card drawn
  • Face cards = 10
  • Aces=lap around the loop


  • Spades —> hand release merkins
  • Clubs—> box jumps/step-ups
  • Diamonds—> lunges (both legs = 1 rep)
  • Hearts— burpees (because who doesn’t heart burpees?)

Simple enough, get through the deck of cards. The Pax didn’t trust YHC, so they requested Chum cut the deck. I’d say that worked to the Pax advantage since 5 of the 7 cards we didn’t get too before time were face cards.


Nice crowd for a nippy Tuesday. The tights, gloves, and hats are coming out. Good to see Escape Hatch back in the gloom. We started to think he may have hopped back on the submarine and we needed to send a search party and rescue vessel out to find him. Given he’s an EH machine, we’ll give him a week or two off without too much public ridicule. YHC felt a little bad after giving a thesis on quality reps and merkin form last week, noting we needed to drop the reps and work on range of motion—then dropping a nice 230 reps on the PAX (in my defense, they were all in set’s of 5). To make up for my transgressions, lower rep, hand release merkins today.




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