Northeast Tennessee

The 12 Smokers of Christmas

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Weather 37 – foggy

COP – Kardashian




  • Good Morning 6 IC
  • SSH 12 IC
  • Don Quixotes 12 IC
  • Imperial Walkers 12 IC
  • LBAC 12 IC (each direction)
  • Merkins 12 IC
  • TTT 12 IC
  • Mosey to steps and back to Amphitheatre

The Thang

In the spirit of 12 days ’til Christmas:

  1. Burpee OYO 1×12 = 12
  2. BB Sit ups 2×11 = 22
  3. Squats IC 3×10 = 30
  4. Motivators IC 4×9 = 36
  5. 1 Lap (Ring) 1×8 = 8
  6. Curtsy Squats 6×7 = 42
  7. Flutter Kicks 7×6 = 42
  8. Merkins 8×5 = 40
  9. Mountain Climbers 9×4 = 36
  10. HR Merkins 10×3 = 30
  11. Dips 11×2 = 22
  12. Burpees 12×1 = 12

Should have been around 324 total reps + 8 laps (appx 1.5 miles) but we had to stop for time after day 11.

Playlist: 12 Days of Christmas by: Charlie Parra del Riego (Rock Version); Bob and Doug McKenzie; Jeff Foxworthy (Redneck, duh); Relient K; Bela Fleck and the Flecktones;  APM Christmas Classics Ensemble (Rockmas); Straight No Chaser; Twisted Sister (Heavy Metal); Bob Rivers (Pains- you know, HANGOVAHS); John Denver the the Muppets – OR Follow me on Spotify.

Welcome FNG – Bill Jolley – Musician, former teacher, Gen Mgr of 24 Hour Storage facility, so: Hoarder.

COP – Kardashian

A few of us couldn’t stand to leave it like that and stayed after class to complete Day 12.


YHC got the following in a text from M last week. I laughed because it works on a few levels for me (think about it).

Image result for Carlton meme buffer

Then I thought about why I come out in the rain and cold week after week. 1) It’s great to feel better than I have my whole life (and maybe building muscle where once there was none), but it’s not about that. 2) It’s great to be challenged to push myself, but it’s not about that. 3) It’s great to be around a group of like-minded guys who push and encourage each other, but it’s not about that either.

Ultimately, it’s about:

I want my kids to see the payoff of hard work, patience, and perseverance ( + I want my 48 year-old self to keep up with a 5 year-old).

There have been a lot of things that have sucked at home and in the world in 2016, but F3 has proven to be a consistent addition to my routine that helps me struggle well through things the world throws at me.

I hope you’re getting the same results.


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