Northeast Tennessee

Drawing 3 Sevens is great in blackjack but…

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

15 Men met the first challenge of the day putting feet to the floor and ignoring the weather forecast.  It was warm enough to shake off any chill once we were moving about.  Rain was ever present.
Q is still working on the calling of cadence and grows in respect for those who do it well.

Motivators from 6,

LBAC X 20,

Thru the tunnel X 15

‘Merkins OYO X 10

With the group adequately warmed up, mosey to Tombstone Hill for a modified blackjack.  The PAX winked at the pit boss hit two sevens in their initial hand and told the dealer “hit me” and drew another 7.

First 7

  • 6 Carolina Dry Docks, run the hill
  • 1 Squat at the top
  • then 5 and 2, 4 and 3 and so on

Second 7

  • 6 ‘Merkins, run the hill
  • 1 Lunge (each leg)
  • then 5 and 2, 4 and 3 and so on

Third 7

  • 6 shoulder pretzels, bear crawl to the second light pole
  • 1 plank-jack
  • then 5 and 2, 4 and 3 and so on

Q did not anticipate that this soggy mess would take up the entire time and had additional fun planned for the morning.  We will see that next Q .


No big words of wisdom from the Q today except that you men rock!  Everyone this morning was putting in real work.  Q was inspired to give my all to Tombstone this morning.

Men lift up Penn-Segal this today, and me as well.

Good to see the pack mules out today although not so much love with the motivators.  Grow Ruck plans are being finalized if you have committed this is no time to go radio silent.

Pizza this Thursday night – Penn Segal has the info DM him for details.

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