Northeast Tennessee

Fifty Five and Still Alive on Pearl Harbor Day

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Pax of 15 Present For Chum’s BDQ

The Pax: Rite Aid, Swing Line, Kardasian, Browney, Roadblock, Pythagorus, Penn-Seagul, 2nd amendment, Singlet, Balk, Cold Call, Red Card, Sleepy, Twilight, Chum

DISCLAIMER was MIA today… whoops!


In the amphitheater we began with some exercises to stretch out these old and cold muscles. The day was perfect, the temperature was 33 degrees, much better than when I had looked forward to what was predicted for this AM a week ago.  I thought it was going to be a swamp – like my last birthday. But no, we were blessed with a beautiful cool morning, with great visibility, and almost no breeze.

Started with side straddle hop 55 IC, yes 55 is the number of rings in my trunk – though hopefully my telomeres are not quite that short!

Through the tunnel 20 IC at a nice peaceful pace for an old man

Little Baby Crunches 55 IC

Abe Vigoda IC 20

Squats IC 25

The above numbers are all approximate.  If the exact numbers are desired, the Iron Horse Drone monitoring this morning’s activities will have to be recalled, executed, and it’s brain (memory banks) inspected for exact data counts.


The Rosy Mosey

Started with a mosey up the stairs towards the Farmers market parking lot, around the easterly side of the market building, towards main street, around the northern end of the building and back towards founders park running up on top by the street.

We then came to a set of stairs on the left that were just calling out to be descended, so did that, then took a right turn and lo and behold we came to a nice long wall just inviting us to stop and do some work.  So that’s what we did…

The Call of the Wall

Dips IC 20

Slow Step ups IC 25

Decline Merkins IC 20

Mosey Part 2

Our legs called us to move on, so continued taking a run on the Western side of the park heading around the Southwest corner until we came to a nice big field that seemed like it was built just for inflicting pain

Teaming up on the Green battleground

Multiples of the Old Man’s Age

So here in the field we paired up, yes in pairs of two for a change!  Then as a team we completed:

55 Merkins

55 x 2 = 110 Squats

55 x 3 = 165 Little Baby Crunches

One partner ran down to the second light post on the left and returned swiftly to save his partner from the evil pain monster; the non-running partner worked on decrementing the above numbers.  The partners repeatedly switched roles.  As teams finished, they aided any remaining teams in knocking their numbers down to zero. So we worked until we were all done.

Mosey part 3  Time to run again. These feet don’t like to stand still too long. Ran around the inner loop of the park aiming to cross the bridge heading up to cemetery hill, but lo and behold, the bridge is GONE. So we had to continue around the park until we got to the southerly end, hang a roscoe and head towards the cemetery hill

The Hill Billy Shuffle

At cemetery hill we did reps that again added to 55.  Top and bottom numbers add to 11 with 5 reps up and down the hill to make 55.

At the bottom started with 1 plank-jack Merkin then Bernie Sanders up the hill, then 10 squat jumps at the top. On the way down used a skipping motion to propel our body high into the air as possible. With each repeat we added one plank-jack Merkin at the bottom and subtracted one squat jump at the top. Luckily none of us ended up on the tombstone side of the fence.  Good thing with the missing disclaimer!

Mosey part 4   Back to the amphitheater

Thanks again Rite Aid for giving me this day for a BDQ.   Happy Birthday to Rite Aid Also!

Somewhat shortened because of time this morning but wish to thank our Father for giving us this tremendous opportunity to be together and stretch our abilities. I am always amazed at the beauty we are given to work in outside, no matter what the temperature! Thanks again to all those who have put in so much hard work to make this a success. I could use your prayers for some tough decisions at work and with my parents. I also want to let you know how blessed I feel to be a part of this group and am always thankful for your support. I look forward to being pushed harder to become a better Man and a stronger believer each day!

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