Northeast Tennessee

Ruckin Around the Christmas Tree

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

On the eve of my 41st birthday, I woke up to a unseasonably mild 50 degree morning. I knew there was some work to be done before the PAX showed up,  time to rise and shine.

DISCLAIMER – Pythagoras
PRAYER – Pythagoras
First Exercise … Side Straddle Hop… In Cadence. 41 (because that’s how old I’ll be tomorrow)

5 Burpees in Cadence (more for just teaching the men how to count burpees for future knowledge)

5 Squat Thrusters (again, mainly just for teaching)

I knew the PAX needed the majority of time to complete their mission, so that was all the warmup we needed today.

The group was divided into 3 teams (Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie) The following rules were read over:

  • Each team member must have a coupon. Each team must have a sandbag and two buckets. Each TEAM must go through Checkpoints in order. A ruck is not a coupon.
  • Each TEAM must elect a TEAM LEADER.
  • Team must travel as a group. Stay together!
  • A different team member must count off CADENCE at each checkpoint.
  • ALL coupons must travel to all checkpoints. Team may rotate coupons while traveling.
  • Failure to make it to ALL Checkpoints and then to the Extraction Point (X) by 0610 will result in punishment for the entire company.
  • If team makes it to the Extraction Point (X) before 0610, the Team Leader is in charge. Keep your team busy or go meet and assist another team.

Each team was presented with a map of their 4 checkpoints (same checkpoints, but each team completed them in a different order) Checkpoints were stationed at: Top of Tombstone Hill, Far end of Field, Near end of Field, and Christmas Tree by Farmers Market. The extraction point was back at the Amphitheater. The sandbags weighed between 55-60 pounds each, the buckets each weighed approximately 20 pounds, and each block weighed 28 pounds.  Here is what went down at each checkpoint:



11 Merkins

11 Overhead Press with coupon

11 FlutterKicks

11 Squats with coupon



11 Merkins

11 Squat Thrusters with coupon

11 LBC

11 Standing Rows with coupon


11 Merkins

11 Lunges (with coupon optional)

11 Heels to Heaven

11 Burpees (with coupon optional)



11 Merkins

11 Curls with coupon

11 BBC

11 Overhead Tricep Ext. with coupon

As I was developing the Q, I wanted the mission able to be completed. So I was trying to be conservative on the exercises at each checkpoint. Each team showed up at the Extraction Point within 3 minutes of each other… between 6:07 and 6:10. Perfect!

We had five more minutes to work with and so I told the PAX that rules only stated that If they were late, they would be punished. It made no mention of what would happen if they were on time. The answer… punishment.

Little Baby Arm Circles – Forwards IC – 22

Little Baby Arm Circles – Backwards IC – 22

Slerkins – (slow merkins) IC – 10 (did them slow enough that 10 IC was all this QIC could merk at the end of a workout)

Shoulder Pretzels -IC – 22
Sermon at church this past Sunday was about Mary, the mother of Jesus. It is recorded twice that Mary “pondered these things” and “treasured them in her heart” I challenged the guys to take time out of their schedule over the next 3 days to ponder. Pondering doesn’t happen by mistake. There is no accidental pondering. It doesn’t happen when it is loud, or when there is a game on. It is intentional. It happens when you will it to happen, but not before. It is quite. It does not shout. It is alone. It is humble.

It is just like the way that the Maker of the Universe came into the world He created. Ponder that…..

Stoker – Main Street Pizza – 9pm Thursday December 21st.

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