Northeast Tennessee

What is an acceptable excuse for fartsacking!?!

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

WEATHER – 21 degrees  January 16th, 2018

  • Abe Vigoda -8
  • Motivators – 6
  • LBAC – 10
  • LBAC in Rev – 12
  • Imperial Walkers – 10
  • ‘Merkins – 10
  • Mosey – This is about the time Scags showed up to add 50% more to the total MEN today.  If you are not good at math that brought us to a grand total of 3.

A day of good old fashion BlackJack.  FairyJacks and ‘Merkins Jogging the length of the parking lot

  • FairyJacks – 210
  • ‘Merkins – 210


  • Flutter Kicks – 10
  • LBC – 10
  • Sweat Angels – 10
  • Doc I hate you – 1……… really long 3 count that Floppy Disk did not appreciate.


  • Count a roma – 3 (well 2 at this time cause Scags had to leave early)
  • Name a roma –
  • Prayers – All students, faculty and staff at ETSU as well as other colleges and Universities as the new semester starts today.


This morning I stood in the LCES parking lot staring at Floppy Disk. Yeah just Floppy Disk at 5:30 am. As the weather has stay in the freezing range for every workout this year our numbers have been down……………. Is the beginning of the year busy?  Did our wife have a baby?  Does the weather make the Fartsack more desirable? Is it early? Am I a little stiff or under the weather? Is it hard to get there and then get home to get ready for work?…………. All these questions could be answered with a yes but unless your wife is having a baby you have let your F3 brothers down just a little today.  We can find almost any excuse to not put in the work if we want.  I forget who said it at Iron House on New Years day, ( I think Glory ) “There is no such think as bad weather, just bad gear” It was chilly this morning, not as chilly as some others, but I dressed well, too well I think becaause I got hot and had to take some of my layers off. (I know bad mental picture)  F3 is about a lot of things but LEADERSHIP is a key component in our mission statment. “To plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership”  Pushing thru undesirable circumstances or building character is part of leadership.  We do not just workout.  If you quit on something when its hard what are we showing our kids, our friends or our co workers. 

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