Northeast Tennessee

A Deck of Cards (with the Jokers) is Always Handy!

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

18 PAX rallied around an under-the-weather leader to push through a blast from the past.  Puddles were everywhere but they were avoided.  This time.

  • Motivators from 8
  • Merkins IC X10
  • TTT IC X10
  • Willie Mays Hayes X10 count each leg
  • LBAC IC X20, Reverse IC X20, Chinooks IC X20
  • Shoulder pretzels IC X10


Due to an unexpected illness, the Q this morning reached back a ways and retrieved an old stand-by….the deck of cards.  The PAX moseyed to about the 10-yard line and circled up.  The deck of cards workout proceeded as described:

  • Each heart – Merkins
  • Each spade – BBSUs
  • Each diamond – Squats
  • Each club – Monkey Humpers
    • Face cards required a 10 count, aces required 11
  • Audible – each “2 card” required an 80-yard run (actually 160 yards as it was down and back)
  • Each Joker – 1/4 mile run

The 18 PAX got through 38 cards of the deck of 56 (with the 4 jokers).  Lost count but it seemed that more hearts were pulled out of the deck than any other suit.  Three of the four Jokers were discovered.

No big devotional today gents.  Lets just keep each other accountable and encourage each other to try to become the man that God intends for each of us to be.

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