Northeast Tennessee

Destination Difficulty

Northeast Tennessee Arrowhead (Indian Trail) Johnson City

A perfect morning for 17 pax, clear and 68 degrees.

Merkins X 10 IC
High Knees X 25 IC
Through the Tunnel  X 10 IC
Willie Mays Hays X 10 IC

When designing the Thang, I borrowed from a previous Pythagoras post and a recent F3 visitation in Birmingham, AL two weeks ago. I was excited to try the combo with the Arrowhead men. Desiring to have the men rely and encourage each other through activities designed to push each individually beyond their comfort. We divided into groups of two liked sized individuals. Priority was on weight, secondary height. Beginning in the south end-zone near the goal, I explained how each individual would need to assist their partner when they reached their limit. Partners always begin together and finish together. One person is going to be doing an exercise until they can’t do it anymore, then they will switch until another limit is reached or they reach the other end of the field.

Trial #1: Partner Carry – Any carry method will do. The fireman carry and standard back carry were the most popular. The objective was for one member to carry their partner towards the North end-zone and back. The carrying partner could call for a switch at anytime. Most teams made the 200 yard journey fairly quickly with only a few switches. My compliments to those teams with 20-50lb differences between partners.

Trial #2: Wheel Barrow – One partner fixates on the shoulders and legs straight while the other struggles to keep their partners feet low. Positioning to reduce the shoulder angle and associated shoulder strain. Far more switches were called in trial #2 compared to trial #1. 100yards never seemed so far away than this morning.

Trial #3: Lunges/squat jumps – One person lunged while the other was next to them completing a full squat and jump. They progressed together. Again many switches were made to allow rest from the previous exercise.

Trial #4: Cherry pickers/shoulder pretzel – partners walked slowly together 100 yards x2 while doing one of the two exercises. Surprising how quickly the shoulders burn with simple exercises after the wheel barrow activity. During our stroll, my partner mentioned that his heart rate had slowed. Trying to be a good listener, the Q heard a 100 yard sprint was in order to increase his heart rate!!! I will not tell who it was.

Trial #5: Bear Crawls/crab walking – Possibly the most difficult pairing given fatigue and soggy ground. We made the best of it with efficient switches.


Next we gathered on the football field for a little core. 1 minute WWI sit ups, 1 minute of the dying cockroach followed by 90 seconds of 3pt planking (one arm or leg was raised most of the time). Mosey back to the flag for one minute of elevator merkins called by Rudy.

Sharing with the men my experience at the ER Wednesday morning (4-11am) with my sister in law. There were two women in near by rooms screaming in pain from trauma. I was reminded to consider their physical pain, their families emotional distress and the need to be thankful at all times for all things. What was given, can be taken away.
Donatello will email everyone regarding CSAUP events and plans during Blue Plumb this weekend.

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