Northeast Tennessee

1st F Time Trial @ The Range

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

10 PAX came out to run through the 1st F test exercises that will be repeated a few more times through out the year. Chum was excited to see YHC had perfectly aligned the moonlight and the clouds to set the stage for a grind on this 41 degree morning out on The Range
TTT IC x 10; Motivator from 5; WMH each side x 10 count; LBAC F IC x 10, LBAC R IC x 10 – Mosey w/ Coupon to back side of gym to get tested!
YHC had a premier list of bangers to play along with the interval timer app that the PAX really enjoyed. Moneypenny & Subprime love them some 2000’s Taylor Swift. Whiplash was excited that Old Town Road was in the mix. And Ultra’s favorite banger was A Thousand Miles. There were more mumble chatter, but those items stuck in YHC’s head. Each exercise was followed by a 30-40 sec recovery and time to write down totals w/ chalk supplied by AOQ himself (which apparently is a hot commodity in the pandemic times of Johnson City).

  • Burpees – 1 Min
  • American Hammers – 2 Mins.
  • Squats – 1 Min
  • Mosey around Soccer Track
  • Curls – 2 Min
  • Merkins – 1 Min
  • Squat Thrusters – 2 Min
  • Mosey around Soccer Track
  • BBSU  – 1 Min
  • Rows – 2 Min
  • LBCs – 1 Min
  • OHP – 1 Min (Probably should have been 2 but YHC goofed the interval timer)
  • Mosey to road for a 1 Mile run on campus

We had a little OT from the mile run so no MARY
This challenge is a snapshot of one of the purposes of F3 and that is to push yourself, test your limits, make improvements, and to do so along side friends.
Pray for Subprime’s Father In Law’s appendix surgery today. The Range will be hosting NETN Convergence on 2/20.

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