Northeast Tennessee

1st & 10 Again

Immortal Station (Jonesborough) Jonesborough Northeast Tennessee

Mid 30’s (and no rain!) for a dozen PAX who came out for a Honeysuckle Tuesday AM Q plus a Rudy & Xzibit sighting!

TTT (IC) X 10

LBACs (IC) X 10, reverse (IC) X 10

Slaughtivator from 8

Mosey to the Parson’s Table lot for some 1st & 10

10 cones each placed successively at 10 yard intervals.  Start at cone 1, complete the prescribed reps.  Reps are 11’s, completed at the cone, then sprint to the far cone, then mosey back to cone 2, continue pattern working down the cones.

Round 1: Squats/Donkey Kicks 10/1, then 9/2, then 8/3, so on and so forth working down the cones until a TD is scored.

Round 2: Same as round 1 with burpees/merkins

After round 2, some 5 & dime (5 merkins, mosey to opposite end (10th cone), rinse and repeat until time is called.

Mosey back to the AO

(Detour: Thumper dropped the flag.  If the flag hits the ground, so do the PAX.  10 burpees.  In retrospect it should have been 20…..)


Elevator Merkin on QIC’s command

Flutter Kicks (IC) X 42

Am Hammers (IC) X 25

Boat/Canoe on QIC’s command

Keep it simple.  Kind of like the gospel.  It’s not that hard.  1 Cor. 1:23: “but we preach Christ crucified…”.  Don’t have to make elaborate arguments, just speak the truth.  Know what you stand for and stand for it.  Speak the truth (although be gracious!).  We don’t finish well by accident, so be intentional.  In attending multiple funerals last week, you can see stark contrasts in legacies.  What do you want to be known for at the end of your life?

Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.

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