Northeast Tennessee

Getting “Lost” at the Range

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

16 PAX finished the week strong on a Friday morning with clear, 30-degree weather.  Today’s Q took its inspiration from one of YHC’s favorite TV series, “Lost”. 
TTT x 8 IC
Shoulder Pretzels x 15 IC
WMH (left, right 8 seconds each)
Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
NOTE:  The “Lost” characters on the plane were flying on Oceanic Flight 815 when it crashed, hence the nod to 8 and 15. 
John Locke said in the first pilot episode “Two players, two sides.  One is dark, one is light.”  We are often pulled toward the dark when we want to sprint out ahead of everyone else and leave them behind, when we want to slow down and quit, or when we get so competitive that we lose sight of the really important goals.  This morning, we practiced staying together with the group and taking advantage of the times to push in a short sprint.  A set of numbers also permeated the entire “Lost” series and several PAX were able to recite them from memory (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42)

  • Stop 1:  Indigenous (thanks Beanie) Run from the top of the AO to the bottom of Ranger Hill with the person in front always carrying the flag.   
    • 4 LBCs, 8 Merkins, 15 SSH, 16 Overhead Claps, 23 V-Ups, 42 Squats followed by a sprint up Ranger Hill and mosey back with circle back for the six.
  • Stop 2: Indigenous Run to the Skate Park with circle back for the six.
    •  4 Merkins, 8 SSH, 15 Overhead Claps, 16 V-Ups, 23 Squats, 42 LBCs followed by a sprint up Basetball Hill with circle back for the six.
  • Stop 3:  Top of Baseball hill 
    • 4 SSH, 8 Overhead Claps, 15 V-Ups, 16 Squats, 23 LBCs, 42 Merkins (loved by the PAX)
  • Stop 4:  Indigenous Run to the Aquatics Sign on Liberty Bell Blvd. with an audible called: course deviation at the corner of Liberty Bell and Pactolas for 8 Burpees and 15 Shoulder Pretzels.  Continue on with Run with first person carrying the flag.
    • 4 Overhead Claps, 8 V-Ups, 15 Squats, 16 LBCs, 23 Merkins, 42 SSH with a sprint down the hill (suggested name Michael Phelps Hill) and back up; circle back for the six.
  • Stop 5: Indigenous Run to the Bus Loop at Liberty Bell with a circle back for the six
    • 4 V-Ups, 8 Squats, 15 LBCs, 16 Merkins, 23 SSH, and 42 Overhead Claps (as SubPrime said, that’s a lot of overhead claps) then bear crawl all the way around the loop. 
  • As Jack told Kate at the end of one season, “We have to go back!” No time to make the 6th and final stop to complete the sequence. Indigenous Run back to the AO with a course correction from YHC to Ultra to use the soccer track.  Arrived back with 3 minutes.

Homer led us in 50 LBCs IC which finished out at 6:15 sharp. 
The battle between light and dark is a challenging one and F3 is a place where men can find themselves not only challenged to do their best but also to hold one another accountable when the dark creeps in.  YHC also compared it to being the “heat” when you need to do but also being the “light”.  Let’s seek to sharpen one another and push one another in ways that maximize our potential to be the light. 

YHC and Cold Call then brought out Whiplash to the middle, our latest PAX to be expecting the arrival of  a (first!) baby.  Some advice was spoken and we closed out in prayer for Whiplash, his M, and their pending arrival.  Some mumble chatter about the difficulty of finding eco-friendly, Bambo diapers ensued as well.  It was a good morning at the Range with three AOs represented. 
Q-Source tomorrow at 7:20 a.m. at the Johnson City Schools’ Central Office (Whiplash is on the Q.)  

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