Northeast Tennessee

The Range Turns 2

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

18 PAX turned out to celebrate the second anniversary of the Range AO which was established on 4/2/19.  A blistering hot 25 degree morning welcomed the PAX who experienced a trip down memory lane to portions of early Qs led by the line of AOQs who have served the Range.  A number of reps for Ab April were performed by the PAX and were tabulated and posted by our resident accountant, Beanie.
From a classic Rite Aid Q (6-25-19), the longest warm-up was revisited.  Quiz questions were interspersed with correct answers rewarding the PAX with 25 LBCs and incorrect answers demanding 5 burpees.

-Hillbilly Walkers x 15 IC
-Hand Release Merkins x 10 OYO
-Imperial Walkers x 15 IC with 5 burpee penalty
-Hand Release Merkins x 8 OYO with 25 LBCs
-Plank Jacks x 15
-Hand Release Merkins x 6 OYO with 25 LBCs
-LBAC forward x 15 IC
-Hand Release Merkins x 4 OYO with 5 burpee penalty
-LBAC reverse x 15 IC
-Hand Release Merkins x 2 OYO with 25 LBCS
-Hand Release Merkin x 1 OYO
-1 minute plank

Grab the coupon or bag and mosey to the bottom of Ranger Hill with a stop by the stairs for another Range History question, resulting in 25 LBCs.

At the bottom of Ranger Hill, we revisited the inaugural “3 LOS” (5-10-19) from our second AOQ, SubPrime.  The 3 Levels of Suck have been his signature work-out title since the inception of the Range.  Quiz question resulted in 25 more LBCs. A classic DORA found PAX working to complete the following (called short due to time to move on):

  • 100 Merkins, 200 Flutter Kicks, 300 LBCs (switched to curls for time)
  • 100 Curls, 150 OH Presses, 200 V-Ups

PAX then moved on to the Skate Park where two more quiz questions awaited them resulting in 2 correct answers for a total of 50 additional LBCs.  A part of the first Range Q led by YHC (5-7-19) was then repeated by PAX in 3 different groups until time was called.

  • Station 1:  Bear crawl to station then do 22 BBSU (carry block/bag to top of Baseball Hill (get up that hill) and do 22 LBCs
  • Station 2: Bear crawl to station then do 22 American Hammers (carry block/bag to top of Baseball Hill (get up that hill) and do 22 LBCs
  • Station 3:  Bear crawl to station then do 22 V-ups with Blocks (carry block/bag to top of Baseball Hill (get up that hill) and do 22 LBCs

Time called for return mosey.

No time
It has been a blast and an honor to serve as the AOQ at the Range during this past year.  While it was a unique and difficult year, the PAX of the growing Range grew closer, supported one another, pushed one another, and took up each challenge with gusto!  We claimed “Best Legs” in November with showing just how much we like to run and didn’t let the foot off the gas when it came to recruiting FNGs and working hard to be better men in all areas.  While there are many fine men at our AO who could have stepped up to serve, YHC is proud to pass the shovel flag on to Whiplash who will lead our AO well!
Q-Source on Saturday at Jerimiah School with SubPrime on the Q at 7:20 a.m.
Fill up the open dates in April on the Q calendar.

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