Northeast Tennessee

Stack of Twenties

Northeast Tennessee Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Q laments that Spring seems to be on hold for the moment, but that did not stop 6 men from posting this morning
Q was so proud that he was not thrown off track by house building stories that he all but forgot to call “in cadence” for much of the warmup.  He just thought everyone was being a jerk when every number under the sun was called out while going through the set.  Q could be accused of being dense in that he did not realize his error until the PAX specifically told him what was going on…What a goober! Ha!!

20 something SSH’s, 20 something ‘Merkins, 10 burpees on your own as punishment, and 15 TTT’s (called out in cadence)

Mosey to the field, set up 3 stations with different movements of 20 at each.

  • Station 1 – 20 ‘ Merkins & 20 box cutters
  • Station 2 – 20 squats & 20 reverse crunches
  • Station 3 – 20 dips & 20 BBSU

Long, long burpee train, you know your working when there are two engines in the middle.

Most were working on 4 laps when time was called.  As a bonus, while everyone was debating if we had filled 45 minutes, Q called for LBC to 20 to put an end to the morning

Pax in need of some help moving on this Saturday morning.  Catch up with Kardashian for details.

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