Northeast Tennessee

Up and Over Tombstone Hill

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

12 PAX, 11 coupons got their day started on a 63*, 81% Humidity (aka not humid at all), and a gentle 4.1 wind out of the Southeast.
We had stuff to do so warm up was brief, even though FTL states if you want a warmup show up early and do it on your own. But I digress. We did 15 IC Imperial Walkers & 15 IC Hillbilly Walkers and then moseyed over to the backside of Tombstone Hill at the corner of the church. Also the flimsy tip of the Iron Horse shovel needs to be resolved. I can’t imagine the number of penalty burpees that have occurred in almost 5 years because of that tip.
PAX split up into groups of 3. Partners A&B would start at the church corner and partner C would start at the bottom of Tombstone Hill on the park side.

  • Exercises at the Church Corner: 450 Bench Press, 350 Curls, 250 Bent Over Rows & 150 OH Press (some PAX did a mash up each round so YHC should have left chalk to help with the counts)
  • Exercises at the Bottom of Tombstone Hill: 450 LBCs, 350 Boat/Canoes, 250 Freddy Mercury (L/R=1), 150 V-Ups (someone with a King College degree decided that starting with the V-Ups was the route to go and others followed suit)
  • At the top of Tombstone Hill there were 5 Super Dans (shout out to #IronValley) to be completed
  • This was ran as a 3 man DORA with the middle partner running to relieve the next PAX but stopping to do SDs each way.
  • Most groups got close to completing the exercises before time was called.

YHC had allotted for a little time to mosey back to the start, but not before a coupon casualty occurred. YHC’s coupon passed down from Charmin was lost when setting down to plant the flimsy tipped flag back at the start. RIP. MARY consisted of 25 IC Flutter Kicks, 7 Supermans IC, 42 sec plank hold. Some that’s what she said jokes were made. Solid work.
“Taking your hat off makes you appear younger.” – Chum. YHC has worn a hat to every Q and some PAX have no idea there is even hair under there. But for some reason the rest of this morning that comment has caused some thoughts to swim around in YHC’s head. How often do we as Men put on “hats” to cover problems, struggles, stresses, etc. instead of letting our friends/brothers see & help us along our life journey? F3 was created to ditch the sad clowns not just make feeling ok clowns. Build relationships and take your “hats” off. YHC is sure they have had similar situations or are going through the same struggles. Learn from others and learn together.
Convergence @ Iron Horse 6/12 0700 (booting FiA so tell your Ms its Kardashian’s party and he’s doing what he wants) – Year 5 of F3NETN & The Murph at Arrowhead on 5/31 – a HC will start happening to see if multiple flights will be needed to not overload the pull-up bars.

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