Northeast Tennessee

Shark Week

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

10 Rolled out on a picture perfect summer morning to unknowingly celebrate shark week.

Side straddle hop to 33 then various stretching.
In 1988 a young startup cable channel was looking for ways to increase viewership during the summer.  No doubt, there were many ideas but, they landed on a week-long special to show all the documentaries they had on sharks.  Shark Week was born.  33 years have past and it has grown to event status (this year the crew from jackass has an hour).

Q wanting to join in on the celebration offered the following as a tip of the hat. Partner up and complete the below while the partner runs cemetery  hill

  • 33 Kraken Burpees – burpee with 3 hand release ‘Merkins at the bottom.
  • 66 Carolina Dry Docks – you know what they are!
  • 99 Crab Cakes – crab walk position, raise right hand and left leg to touch left knee, repeat.
  • 132 Little Mermaid – lay on one side, one arm behind your head and the other on the ground.  Keep your legs together (like a mermaid) and do a side sit-up.
  • 165 Shark Jacks – Like a seal jack but your arms extended in front like a shark’s mouth.  Q does not remember who came up with this substitution but he loves it.  Maybe it should go in the exicon.

Rinse and repeat.


LBC’s to time.
Celebrating the 33rd anniversary, the Q used that number to increase the number of reps for each subsequent exercise.  Life is cumulative as well.  Every day builds on the days before.  Miss a week or two of F3 and see how far you’ve regressed.  The Q knows this to be true.
Good to see the ruckers step off at 4:58.

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