Northeast Tennessee

Hee Haw’s Rockin’ Blockin’ Dora and Mora

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

11 eager Pax showed up under a waning crescent moon and 100% humidity with temps in the low 60s… and put in some good work.

Motivator from 7, TTT x 10, WMH L/R 10 count, Merkins 4 count x 15

We proceeded to the rock garden by the creek and each man grabbed a small rock for each hand for what followed. Kardashian mentioned something about “The Lottery” and threatened to send out a spreadsheet.

LBAC 4 count x 10 forward and reverse

Moroccan Nightclub 4 count x 20

Overhead Claps 4 count x 15ish

Seal Claps 4 count x 20ish

Proceeded to Tombstone Hill


DORA: 100 KBS, 200 OHP, 300 Curls… Each partner bear crawls to the 2nd pole while the other partner does reps. Then each partner Bernie Sanders to the 3rd pole while other partner does reps. Then each partner runs to the top of the hill while other partner does reps… and repeat the sequence until all reps are complete.

Intermission: 20 burpees OYO

10 merkins, 20 curls, 30 squats… rinse and repeat until YHC had enough.

Proceeded back to amphitheater.

Flutter kicks 4 count x 55 (+1)
Get on the calendar and grab a Q for September!

Great job, men!

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