Northeast Tennessee

Bear Crawls = Surviving and Advancing

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

12 pax descended on a foggy Range this morning with a 50 degree welcome to mark YHC’s three-year anniversary of coming out for F3.
In Moneypenny style, we jumped into a quick indigenous run with the orange medicine ball in tow on a slow mosey toward Freedom Hall with a couple of creative turns taken by lead pax.  Two drops of the ball resulted in 10 burpees on the way.
Pax arrived at a new yet to be named hill for Rangers to climb near Baby Shark Hill and the Freedom Hall Aquatics Center (where Subprime puts in work prepping for spring competition).

12 pax divided into four teams of three for a DORA with a twist.  Knowing YHC’s penchant for Bear Crawls, pax were not surprised that the pre-delivered coupons made for a good crawl up the hill pulling (or throwing) the blocks to the top.  One pax ran a parking lot loop while another bear crawled and another worked on sets of reps at the bottom with the return of the Bear Crawler down the hill signaling the transition.

  • Round One:  100 sit-ups, 200 mountain climbers, 300 LBCs
  • Round Two: 100 plank jacks, 200 Peter Parkers, 300 American Hammers

Some extra Bear Crawls without coupons may have tipped the hat to YHC’s three years in F3 with an extra Bear Crawl to mark the beginning of year 4 along with another parking lot loop.  A “pass the coupon” line was formed and pax performed BBSUs until one of the four coupons made its way down the line at which time he performed 20 curls before passing it on.

Pax did another indigenous run with ball back to home base (5 burpees added to the fun along the way).

No time.
Three years in F3 has found YHC out in the gloom more often than not.  It’s because of the guys who keep pushing, needling, poking, and encouraging.   That’s what F3 is all about; come for the fitness and stay for the fellowship and impact on your faith.  A friend mentioned recently that some days are great and some days are all about “Surviving and Advancing”.  Some days at F3 are like that as well.  Just keep coming out; just keep advancing.
Cold Call mentioned a rally will be held outside JCMC on Tuesday to support Health Care Workers at the shift change.   Whiplash reminded pax to get signed up for the November Running Challenge to protect the Range’s hold on the “Best Legs” flag.  Plans for a Ranger YETI are also in the works by Beanie and more info will be forthcoming.

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