Northeast Tennessee

11’s and stuff.(Braves win!)

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

43 degrees and 9 PAX assembled to put in some work.  YHC was slightly sleep deprived but for good reason.
Side Straddle Hop(IC) – 26 (the number of years since the Braves last won the World Series)

Burpees (OYO) – 7 (The number of runs the Braves scored to win game 6.)

Monkey Humpers (IC) – 0 (The number of runs the Astros put up in game 6)

Little Baby arm circles(IC) forward/reverse – 10

WILLY MAYS HAYS – 10 count hold to each side.

Lap around the track
Pax gathered coupons and moseyed to the top of Ranger Hill.  Coupons dropped off and PAX continued down the hill.  11’s was on the menu this morning with Freddie Mercury’s and Squat Thrusts being the movements. PAX would complete 10 FM(4:1) and jog up Ranger Hill to complete 1 squat thrust. Jog back to the bottom to complete 9 FM: 2 ST. etc.

With 5 minutes remained pax lined up to perform a variation of a shuttle drill(3 cones spaced out in the parking lot) Bear crawl to first cone and sprint back.  repeating to each cone until time was called.


“Without struggle, there can be no progress.” – Frederick Douglas

Regardless of the challenges we may face in life, always look for the opportunity to get better.

Upcoming YETI challenge on 11/13.  5 mile run every 4 hours for 24 hours. Contact Whiplash for details

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