Northeast Tennessee

12 Days of Brickmas

Northeast Tennessee

Unofficially – 5 of F3NETN’s finest got together to celebrate the 12 Days of Brickmas.  2 PAX started with a Ruck and got in close to 1.75 miles.  Then right as time would have it – some got in on time and some got on, in time…

DISCLAIMER – Do you need one for an unofficial workout?

Warm Up

  • SSH x25 IC
  • 20 yard sprint-ish down and back, high knees, butt kickers and karioka

It’s simple – 12 cards were distributed to each of the PAX – each with a number and an exercise.  Just as any Caroling group would do – we did Everything as 1 Group.  And it was a thing of beauty!

  • 1 – Squat Thruster
  • 2 – Mericans (pronounced like Americans because we are….)
  • 3 – Jump Squats (yes….JUMP and squat while you are in the air)
  • 4 – Over Head Press (in cadence)
  • 5 – Block Curls (in cadence)
  • 6 – Block Squats (in cadence)
  • 7 – Bent Over Rows (not the BRO but the BOR – in cadence)
  • 8 – Skull Crushers (in cadence)
  • 9 – Block Swings (on your own)
  • 10 – Lawn Mower (10 each arm in cadence)
  • 11 – High Pulls (in cadence)
  • 12 – Block Mericans (6 left hand on block and then 6 with right hand on block)


This is becoming one of my favorite F3 workout AO’s of all time.

  • LOTS of mumble chatter this am – tends to happen when the whole workout is done in a circle and when you force the PAX to CoQ with you.
  • Whoopi – great to meet you this am, glad you came in on 2 wheels!
  • Jobs is the motivation we all need in our life, PTO for the month of Dec but still coming out and GRINDING it out.  Love to see you out in the am.

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